Fancy a Tasmania tipple? Then get ready to taste your way through Tasmania’s best whisky distilleries!

Surprising to some, Tasmania is a haven for whisky enthusiasts. With its cool climate, pure water sources, and an artisanal spirit deeply ingrained in its culture, Tasmania has swiftly become a hotspot for whisky production.

Plotted around the state, whether you’re a seasoned whisky aficionado or a curious traveller, we’re helping you embark on an unforgettable journey toasting to adventure, craftsmanship and the spirit of the state with this guide to the best whisky distilleries in Tasmania!

<strong>Belgrove Distillery</strong>
Photographed by Lusy Productions. Image via Tourism Tasmania.

Belgrove Distillery

Under an hour’s drive north out of Hobart is one of the most sustainable rye whisky distilleries in Tasmania. Belgrove Distillery, located in Kempton, prides itself on its commitment to eco-friendly practices by utilising biodiesel powered stills and, interestingly, repurposing spent grain for animal feed. For your visit to Belgrove Distillery we recommend exploring the unique location and, of course, sip through Belgrove’s whisky tasting experience.

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3121 Midland Hwy, Kempton, TAS 7030
<strong>Callington Mill Distillery</strong>
Photographed by Dearna Bond. Image via Tourism Tasmania.

Callington Mill Distillery

Over an hour’s drive out of Hobart will land you in the charming town of Oatlands. With one of the world’s oldest working windmills, the area also takes pride in being home to one of Tasmania’s best whisky distilleries, Callington Mill Distillery. Drawing inspiration from the rich surrounding agricultural heritage, Callington Mill Distillery uses locally grown barley, pure Tasmanian water and time honoured techniques to craft their premium whiskies. A must visit in 2024!

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6 Mill Lne, Oatlands, TAS 7120
<strong>Furneaux Distillery</strong>
Photographed by Jasper Da Seymour. Image via Tourism Tasmania.

Furneaux Distillery

Welcome to Furneaux Distillery! Tucked away on Flinders Island, Furneaux, despite its unique location, still comes in hot as one of the best whisky distilleries in Tasmania. This boutique distillery embodies true Tasmania spirits with their commitment to quality and craftsmanship through their range of small-batch whiskies. Visitors can experience the art of whisky making up close with guided tours of the distillery, followed by tastings of Furneaux’s unique expressions, each with its own distinct character and flavour profile.

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16 Esplanade, Whitemark, TAS 7255
<strong>Hellyers Road Distillery</strong>
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Hellyers Road Distillery

No list of the best whisky distilleries in Tasmania would be complete without Burnie’s Hellyers Road Distillery. Not only are they Australia’s largest boutique distillery, but they are 100% Tasmanian owned and operated. Here you can partake in a distillery tour to learn how the legends create their fine single malt whisky as well as pouring and wax sealing their very own bottle. Led by an amazing team, this whisky distillery is one to visit in 2024!

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153 Old Surrey Rd, Havenview, TAS 7320
<strong>LARK Cellar Door</strong>
Photographed by Sam Shelley. Image via Tourism Tasmania.

LARK Cellar Door

Founded by Bill Lark who is often referred to as the “Godfather of Tasmanian Whisky,” Lark Distillery combines time honoured craftsmanship with innovation. Celebrating Tasmania’s natural beauty, the team at Lark sources a unique array of ingredients for their wide range of spirits. So for those after a whisky with an exceptional flavour, open the doors to LARK Cellar.

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14 Davey St, Hobart, TAS 7000
Photographed by Ambitious Studio Rick Barrett. Image via Unsplash.


In the picturesque countryside of Kempton, Lawrenny Distillery is a hidden gem in the island’s flourishing whisky industry. This family-owned distillery has become a household name among connoisseurs, celebrated for its dedication to crafting exceptional spirits. This craftsmanship accentuates the diverse flavours of Tasmania’s wilderness, as each bottle encapsulating the essence of the island’s pristine landscapes. With plenty of unique blends to try, there’s never a dull taste bud with Lawrenny!

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6485 Lyell Hwy, Ouse, TAS 7140
<strong>McHenry Distillery</strong>
Image via Tourism Tasmania.

McHenry Distillery

Tucked away in Port Arthur, McHenry Distillery encapsulates its surrounding coastal elegance and pristine wilderness in its whisky production. This family-owned distillery produces small-batch, handcrafted whiskies that reflect the purity of their location. Visitors can partake in guided tours, savouring the flavours of their award-winning expressions while soaking in the breathtaking vistas. One of the best whisky distilleries in Tasmania!

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229 Radnor Rd, Port Arthur, TAS 7182
<strong>Overeem Distillery</strong>
Photographed by Osborne Images. Image via Tourism Tasmania.

Overeem Distillery

Overeem is a family-owned distillery dedicated to producing exceptional single malt whisky. Founded by Casey Overeem, this boutique whisky distillery focuses on handcrafting small batches of whisky using traditional pot stills and premium Tasmanian barley. Visitors can explore the charming cellar door, savoring the smooth, rich flavours of Overeem’s award-winning expressions while taking in the serene beauty of the surrounding countryside.

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4/30 Patriarch Dr, Huntingfield, TAS 7055

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Feature image: Furneaux Distillery, Tasmania. Photographed by Jasper Da Seymour. Image via Tourism Tasmania.