Discover the pinnacle of the craft at these top-rated gin distilleries in New South Wales!

Embark on a spirited journey through the lush landscapes of Australia as we uncover the gems that define the artistry of gin-making in New South Wales. From the vibrant cityscape of Sydney to the serene seaside towns up north, New South Wales boasts a flourishing gin scene that caters to enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

In this guide, we delve into the gin distilleries that have perfected the alchemy of botanicals, delivering an unparalleled sensory experience for those seeking the finest juniper-infused elixirs. Discover the meticulous craftsmanship, unique flavours, and immersive distillery experiences that make these establishments stand out in the world of Australian gin.

So, read on through our list of the best gin distilleries in New South Wales that you need to visit in 2024:

<strong>Archie Rose Distillery</strong>
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Archie Rose Distillery

The Archie Rose Distillery in Rosebery houses a functional and very aesthetically pleasing distillery with a fully stocked bar just a wall away. Inside the venue guests are able to experience one of their legendary distillery tours to learn how their vodkas, gins and whiskies are created all followed by a tasting of their core spirits. Even better, you can join in one of their masterclasses and try your hand at cocktail making, gin-blending and more right on site.

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85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery, NSW 2018
<strong>Cape Byron Distillery</strong>
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Cape Byron Distillery

You’ve heard of Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin, but where does it come from? Meet Cape Byron Distillery – the legends behind the legendary gin. Honouring the traditions and art of distillation, Cape Byron Distillery was born to showcase everything that the Byron Bay region has to offer. We’re talking 25 botanicals where 17 of which are sourced locally from their surrounding rainforest. On top of their Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin, we recommend trying their Byron Negroni, Shirl the Pearl and their ready to drink cocktail range including a Slow Gin Spritz and Dry Gin and Tonic.

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80 St Helena Rd, McLeods Shoot, NSW 2479
<strong>Critters Distillery</strong>
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Critters Distillery

Inspired by the Australian marine environment, Critters Distillery is more than just your standard gin distillery. Focusing on authentic distilling craftmanship with their paddock to glass practice, Critters Distillery in Woolgoolga produces top-rated spirits using artisan production methods. Not only this, but they continuously strive to support sustainable practices throughout supply chains, collaborations and distillery operations. Brewing, fermenting and distilling inhouse at their boutique, Australian-owned distillery, Critters is famed for using locally sourced Australian botanicals such as Davidson plum, finger lime and Rosella flower to name a few.

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3/24a Hawke Dr, Woolgoolga, NSW 2456
<strong>Earp Distilling Co.</strong>
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Earp Distilling Co.

No list of the best gin distilleries in New South Wales would be complete without a mention of the Newcastle based Earp Distilling Co. Founded in 2019 by brothers Michael and Richard Earp, the business grew thanks to their creative passion for wanting more bespoke spirits. With quality, sustainability and adventure at their forefront, the team knew a way to set them apart in the market. Enter high-quality stainless-steel stills which can produce any type of spirit including whisky, rum, brandy, gin, vodka and so much more. Forever trialing and testing, we recommend a Distillery Tour followed by a Guided Gin Tasting so you can fall in love with Earp Distilling just as we did.

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41 Darling St, Carrington, NSW 2294
<strong>The Farmer's Wife Distillery</strong>
Photographed by Guy Williment. Image via Destination NSW.

The Farmer's Wife Distillery

Just under an hour’s drive north of Newcastle is Allworth, a riverside town that made a mark on our maps when The Farmer’s Wife Distillery finally opened up their doors. The concept of the distillery, which started from a passion of enjoying gin with friends, has now turned into a multi-creative space. On top of gin tasting experiences, The Farmer’s Wife Distillery is also famed for their Bottomless Brunches, Gin Tasting Experiences, Mid-Summer Festival and, not to forget their Gin Club Membership where four seasonal cocktail kits are delivered straight to your door!

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1378 The Bucketts Way, Allworth, NSW 2425
<strong>Hickson House Distilling Co.</strong>
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Hickson House Distilling Co.

Tucked away in The Rocks, this is one of Sydney’s best gin distilleries, Hickson House Distilling Co. Led by the legends behind The Barbershop and The Duke of Clarence – Mikey Enright, Julian Train and Tim Stones – Hickson House was designed to be a one-stop-shop for all things Australian-made spirits. Here you’ll also find hard-to-find whiskies and over 600 bottles from all around the globe. Named the Best Distillery Bar at the Australian Bar Awards in 2022, Hickson House Distilling Co. is a must visit for all gin enthusiasts!

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6 Hickson Rd, The Rocks, NSW 2000
<strong>Husk Distillery</strong>
Photographed by Paul Bramford. Image via Destination NSW.

Husk Distillery

If you’re looking for the gin that changes colour, you may be looking for Husk Distillery’s Ink Gin. Apart from its potent flavours, charismatic botanical journey and colourful aesthetic, Husk Distillery is more than their purple-hued concoction. One of the best New South Wales distilleries, Husk is innovative to the very last drop. Found in North Tumbulgum (northern New South Wales), here you’ll be able to discover new ways to enjoy Husk Distillery Gin all whilst strolling through the grounds of their family farm.

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1152 Dulguigan Rd, North Tumbulgum, NSW 2490
<strong>Manly Spirits Co.</strong>
Photographed by Ken Leanfore. Image via Destination NSW.

Manly Spirits Co.

Distilled, bottled and labelled by hand at their Northern Beaches site in Sydney, Manly Spirits Co. is one gin distillery in New South Wales you need to visit. With two Holstein stills taking centre stage, Manly Spirits Co. prefer to focus on craftmanship and maximum flavour extraction to create their complex spirits. Using Australian ingredients, Manly Spirits Co.’s gins are clean, smooth and full-bodied. With three multi award-winning gins in their core range, Manly Spirits Co. also has a selection of limited releases to try – so there’s no excuse to support this Australian gin brand!

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9-13 Winbourne Rd, Brookvale, NSW 2100
<strong>North of Eden</strong>
Photographed by Alan Benson. Image via Destination NSW.

North of Eden

If you’re looking for a top-rated small distillery in New South Wales, North of Eden may be just the pick for you. This multi award-winning distillery specialises in using old-school artisan methods to highlight ingredients used in their gin that are either grown onsite or foraged locally. Using tools and technology that dates back over 1200 years, as one of the smallest commercial distilleries in Australia, North of Eden are proud to say that all of their spirits are truly handcrafted in small batches. Whilst you’re visiting, book yourself in for their Gin School or just a cocktail or two at their cellar door.

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13594 Princes Hwy, Stony Creek, NSW 2550
<strong>Tara Distillery</strong>
Photographed by Eric Yip. Image via Destination NSW.

Tara Distillery

Did you know that Tara Distillery was the first new craft distillery to be built in the Shoalhaven region in over 140 years? Breaking boundaries and traditions is Tara Distillery’s thing. Brought to life in 2020 by Founder Alarna Doherty, today, Tara Distillery is a proud family business which has grown tremendously thanks to their sustainability practices. Going on, they use this as a motive for all aspects of their distilling whether its supporting local agriculture, using harvested rainwater, or using the mashed spent grain, botanicals and even fruits to then feed local cattle, pig or sheep farms.

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3/68b Albert St, Berry, NSW 2535

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Feature image: The Farmer’s Wife. Photographed by Guy Williment. Image via Destination NSW.