The masterminds of distilling, Archie Rose Distilling Co. launches a long-awaited and much anticipated whisky label.

Found tucked away in the crevices of Sydney’s bustling streets, this Rosebery-based distillery have announced the launch of their limited release come Monday 30 March.

Proving once more that they are the masterminds of Australian-based distilled goods, Archie Rose Distilling Co. unveiled the arrival of the brand’s newest series and label, Trials & Exceptions, and the first instalment, Sandigo Heritage Rye Malt Whisky.

Archie Rose’s Trials & Exceptions range will feature a range of reserved, exceptional casks and small-batch trials.

“Trials & Exceptions is going to be one of the most diverse series we have, with product releases across all categories – whisky, gin, vodka, rum and other spirits and as distillers, this R&D across categories is what we absolutely love to do,” says Archie Rose Distilling Co. Founder, Will Edwards.

To support the release of the new series, Archie Rose Distilling Co. will be working in partnership with an array of local farmers and maltsters to produce a range of Australian varieties for their Sandigo Heritage Rye Malt Whisky – malted rye which was sourced from fourth-generation New South Wales farmers which have grown near Sandigo, New South Wales for over 60 years – crops which have adapted to a range of weather conditions including droughts, floods and storms to evolve into its own distinct strain.

“The flavour of the rye is remarkably unique,” says Archie Rose Master Distiller, Dave Withers. “Raw and less refined, it offers notes of signature creme caramel, banana and black tea, finishing with expansive spice notes of ginger, cinnamon and cardamom. We compared it to commercially available malts from Germany, USA, Canada and Australia and can say without a doubt, the character of this landrace malt is the most interesting and distinct among them.”

An ode to local and nation-wide farmers and their ingredients, tasters of the new Sandigo Heritage Rye Malt Whisky will be able to appreciate the individuality, clarity and strength of the grain. As if containing the very taste of Australia, this new limited-edition release includes notes of green peppercorn, parma violets, cardamom, musk and Australian eucalyptus.

As for the first prodigy to the collection, the Sandigo Heritage Rye Malt Whisky, Australian whisky enthusiasts can be one of the first to try one of 1474 bottles which will be available for purchase via ballot allocation opening Thursday 12 March and drawn on Wednesday 25 March.

Not to fret if you’ve corked the date, Sandigo Heritage Rye Malt Whisky will be available to purchase online, via the Archie Rose Bar in Rosebery, at other bars, restaurants and independent bottle shops from Monday 30 March for RRP of $149 for 700mL.

Archie Rose Distilling Co. Sandigo Heritage Rye Malt Whisky
Tasting Guide

Nose: A tension between savoury and sweet. There is a distinctly Australian eucalyptus oil and damper note that sits against a background of sea breeze, caramel eclairs, violets and plum jam. The spirit stands tall with mandarin, persimmon and whole peppercorns.

Palate: A full delivery with signature creme caramel, banana and black tea.

Finish: An expansive spice with ginger, cinnamon, clove and cardamom. A touch of coriander seed lingers.

For more information and to purchase, visit Archie Rose Distilling Co.