Are you living #theblighlife? 

We’re so proud of the brilliant community who have decided to join us at Hunter and Bligh – an amazing 160,000 members across Australia. Diverse as we are, we’re all connected together by a love of travel, food and drink, and those unforgettable experiences that really do make all the difference. 

Usually, we like to celebrate our members and our community by holding our signature ultimate travel competitions. For these, we hand-curate our favourite destinations across Australia and the world, and lucky winners are selected regularly to experience and enjoy the best we can find.  

But, as travel is on hold right now, we’re doing things a little differently. While our current competition is helping our members make the most of incredible experiences with the degree of flexibility required, we’re making a trip down memory lane to catch up with some of our past winners. 

From travel prizes to luxury giveaways, we’ve been lucky enough to treat lots of our Hunter and Bligh members over the years with an indulgent experience. 

This week, we spoke to Greg and Paul, two of the five winners of our Ultimate Gentleman’s Giveaway which ran in 2019.

Each winner received a luxury hamper filled with items ranging from liquors and wines to fine foods, vouchers, clothing and gadgets. 

Paul was beyond surprised to win the stash.

It was a great thrill to win a competition, any competition. It doesn’t happen very often for me despite trying very hard. The Ultimate Gentleman’s Giveaway was a great opportunity to sample many new products that I would not otherwise be exposed to.” 

Paul's giveaway prize.

Paul’s prize. Image supplied by Paul.

 “I especially liked the carton of wine which didn’t last very long for some reason…”

Paul wasn’t the only winner to enjoy a drink on us. We also spoke to Greg who won a similar prize. 

“I was very surprised to win the pack I won, and I am still in the process of making the wines disappear!” Plus a good seafood feed with the Rockpool voucher will be a great way to celebrate when normality begins to return!

“Some of the products within it were not exactly right for me, but I was able to put them to good use by making a hamper as a fundraiser in the name of a friend that lost her battle a few years ago to breast cancer.”

“The team we fundraise for is Alison’s Minions in the Relay for Life with Cancer Council. Alison was diagnosed with the horrid disease of breast cancer a few years ago, and unfortunately, it took her from us at the far too young age of 44. Alison was a very good tuba player in a community band I play in, but more importantly, she was a wife and mother of two (now teenagers).”

We’re so thrilled that Greg was able to not only treat himself to something a little special but also to make the most of his prize in such a selfless way. 

Unfortunately, this year’s Relay for Life event was cancelled due to COVID-19. But if you want to learn more about the cause, or how you can support Alison’s Minions, you can find out more here. 

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a member of Hunter and Bligh, or you’d like to enter our current #treatyourself giveaway, then you can find out more and enter here.