You’ll be in complete oar of the greatest kayaking spots around South Australia!

From serene rivers through lush landscapes to the exhilarating coastline of the Great Australian Bight, South Australia has emerged as a kayaker’s paradise. That’s why we’ve uncovered thebest kayaking spots in South Australia, inviting both novice and seasoned kayakers to explore the rhythmic beauty of the region’s waters.

So, grab your paddle, don your life vest, and let’s navigate through the top kayaking destinations for adventure in the heart of Australia’s southern gem.

<strong>Coorong National Park</strong>
Image via South Australian Tourism Commission.

Coorong National Park

For those after an adventurous and challenging kayaking expedition, visit the Coorong National Park. Stretching over 100 kilometres, paddling through the Coorong wetlands gives you a chance to explore plenty of lagoons, sand dunes, and a diverse wildlife. Located southeast of Adelaide, the Coorong is to put your kayaking skills to the test in Adelaide!

Coorong National Park, Coorong, SA 5264
<strong>Innes National Park</strong>
Photography by Maridav. Image via Shutterstock.

Innes National Park

Innes National Park, located on the southwestern tip of South Australia, is a fantastic destination for kayakers. While Innes National Park is renowned for its coastal landscapes and walking trails, you’ll also have the chance to kayak along the coast and see the lighthouse, the shipwrecks, and the marine life. Diverse and thrilling, kayaking in Innes National Park makes for a perfect weekend adventure in South Australia.

Inneston, SA 5577
<strong>Kangaroo Island's Harriet River</strong>
Photographed by Kane Overall. Image via Media South Australia.

Kangaroo Island's Harriet River

If you want to kayak with some of the most adorable and curious creatures in the ocean, then Kangaroo Island is the place for you. With stunning scenery and diverse marine life, you can paddle along the Harriet River and meet the friendly seals and dolphins who will swim alongside you and show off their skills. You can also explore the hidden sea caves and the stunning beaches of the island. Just be careful not to get too distracted by the cuteness and miss the amazing views at one of the best kayaking spots in South Australia!

Harriet River, Kangaroo Island, SA 5223
<strong>Murray River</strong>
Image via South Australian Tourism Commission.

Murray River

One of the longest and most majestic rivers in Australia, the Murray River also offers excellent kayaking opportunities in South Australia. Start from either the snowy mountains and paddle all the way to the sea, or choose a section that suits your time and fitness level. Along the way, you’ll see diverse landscapes, historic towns, ancient forests, and abundant wildlife. You’ll also experience the thrill of rapids, the serenity of lagoons, and the challenge of endurance. For an epic kayaking adventure, start rowing in Murray River!

Murray Bridge, SA 5253
<strong>Port River Dolphin Sanctuary</strong>
Image via South Australian Tourism Commission.

Port River Dolphin Sanctuary

Just north of Adelaide is the Port River Dolphin Sanctuary, a hidden gem that gets you up-close-and-personal with some playful mammals. Kayakers can paddle through mangroves and shipwrecks to see the playful Port River dolphins and other marine life that call this part of Adelaide home. So, for a more delightful kayaking experience look no further than Port River Dolphin Sanctuary.

Garden Island Rd, Garden Island, SA 5015

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Feature image: Coorong River, South Australia. Image via South Australian Tourism Commission.