We've all tried to be a little bit more mindful of how we are treating out environment whether that be by recycling, using less single-use plastic or by saving water. But there are so many more ways we can be incorporating sustainable practices into our everyday lives.

So, to find out how sustainable you are, select from the list below all the things you do to be more eco-friendly and see how green you truly are:

Have seperate recycling and general waste bins
Insulated your home
Turn lights off after leaving a room
Have solar panels
Switch outlets off when not in use
Line dry clothes
Use energy efficient appliances
Use LED lightbulbs
Have low-flow showerheads, taps and/or toilets
Take shorter showers
Use bar soap instead of body wash
Opt for package free bathroom products like shampoo bars
Use reusable cloth makeup pads
Have a bamboo toothbrush
Use a safety razor instead of disposable ones
Use eco-friendly cleaning products
Upcycle old clothes into new pieces
Buy things pre-loved or second-hand
Cold wash your clothes
Installed a greywater system
Have a rainwater tank
Grow your own herbs and vegetables
Have a compost pile
Eat plant-based a couple (or all) days of the week
Drink oat milk
Buy produce locally
Use cloth produce bags
Bring your own shopping bags with you
Actually eat your leftovers and don't bin them
Store leftovers in glass containers not plastic
Use beeswax wraps
Use cloth napkins
Drink loose leaf tea instead of teabags
Have a reusable coffee or tea cup
Use metal straws
Own a reusable water bottle
Holiday locally instead of flying
Take public transport

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