What one thing would you not be able to live without?

My fridge
My passport
My phone
My bed
A glass of wine
My gym membership

What is your dream job?

A chef
An App Developer
Magazine Editor

How do you like to get around?

A Harley Davidson
Long Haul
My Car
A bicycle

What is your ideal weekend activity?

Trying out a new restaurant
Playing a new game
Getting out of town
Getting the gossip over drinks
Heading straight to the beach
A picnic

What do you like to watch on Netflix?

Black Mirror
Chef's Table
The Crown
Love is Blind
Our Planet
The Good Place

What's the worst thing about social distancing?

Empty supermarket shelves
Slow wifi
Cancelled Plans
Spending so much time alone
I miss my work out buddies
I can't cook!

What's the best thing about social distancing?

Catching up with family and friends far away
Brushing up on your cooking skills
No one can judge you for getting takeaway all the time
You can finally finish that game
Dreaming up huge plans for when it's over
Movie Marathons

What are you saving up for?

A new phone
A dinner at a Michelin Starred Restaurant
A holiday
Concert tickets
A deposit on a house
A new car

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