Want to know where you're best suited to? Take the quiz to find out. 

First things first, Who's coming along?

Workmates from your office job
Your barista
Your partner
Some old school friends
Tonight you're going solo
Whoever fancies coming along

Fancy something to drink?

Aperol Spritz
Something fizzy
A cold one
A local wine
A craft beer

What are you going to wear?

A suit - You're coming straight from your inner-city job
A pair of hiking boots - You're all about the outdoors
A comfy cardigan and some sensible shoes
This new outfit you got from an exclusive vintage boutique
A one-off outfit which will be perfect for your IG account
If you have to change out of your beach gear, you're not going

Where is your first stop?

A waterfront bar for some cocktails
Anywhere you can use a witty local hashtag
Straight out to nature to enjoy this beautiful sunset
A couple of beers with your best mates to ease into it
Heading down to support your local sports team
A local pub to keep it as low key as possible

What would you like to eat?

An authentic Italian pizza
A bowl of pho
You don't care as long as it's spicy
Some fresh grilled salmon and a crunchy salad
Nothing better than a schnitty is there?

And then where are you headed?

A very exclusive underground bar
A rooftop cocktail bar - espresso martinis are their specialty
Let’s just see where the wind takes us, ay!
A cute little wine bar to see the night out
Everyone's heading to the newest bar that's opening nearby
The casino

What time do you call it a night?

Later than you're used to
Who knows? You're not watching the clock
Early enough so you can have a good night’s sleep before your early morning hike
As soon as your Instagram live starts losing viewers
Not too late - your taxi will only take 10-minutes to drive you home

What’s your brekkie plan for the morning after?

An airport coffee - you’re heading to Bali for a wedding this weekend
Head to your local cafe for an acai bowl
Extra hot almond milk flat white from your go-to coffee place
You can be found in Bunnings, pretending it’s for a DIY project but really it’s for the sausage sizzle
You packed a homemade sandwich in your backpack to enjoy during your hike
A filthy stack of pancakes to start the day - maple syrup and ice cream on top of course

All 8 questions completed!

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From the bright lights of Melbourne to the chilled vibes of Brisbane, there's nothing like a night out in one of Australia's big cities.

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