Blokes of Australia can now ‘staycay’ in style thanks to Vacay Swimwear.

Leave the budgie smugglers at home and turn heads for the right reasons this summer with stylish resort attire thanks to Vacay Swimwear.

Making waves in the male swimwear market since diving into the fashion industry in 2017, Vacay creates swimwear for the fashion-conscious, offering up comfortable, playful yet sophisticated designs for the modern man.

Friends and founders of Vacay Swim, Jordy Kallio and Corey Decandia, both 25, stumbled upon a gap in the male swimwear market back in 2016 during a holiday in Mykonos, Greece. After lounging on the beach one day, Jordy and Corey noticed that most of their fellow male beach-goers were wearing swimwear that was bland and boring. Despite having so much choice when it came to everyday clothing, men had very little option but to wear forgettable, mediocre swimwear when on holiday.

Both Jordy and Corey were confident they could design swimwear for men that offered an equal balance of style, comfort and durability. From there together the duo created their own swim shorts and had them custom made. Encouraged by what they had produced, both Jordy and Corey became committed to building a brand that offered men fashionable, sustainable and affordable swimwear.

Looking at the competition, the pair noticed that men were often left choosing between a short budgie smuggler design (that should have been left in the 80s), and a board short which are geared more towards surfers who need a longer length to protect them from knee rash. Inspired by European tailoring and design, Vacay Swimwear set out on a mission to design a snug mid-length short with a six- to seven-inch inseam – proving to be flattering on all body types.

Recognising that men want to express their personality in their clothing; wearing statement-shorts became the perfect solution for Aussie blokes to not blend in to the background on their next beach day while not compromising on your comfort.

Specialising in shorts, Vacay Swimwear also wanted to pay tribute to their passion for all things travel. So, naturally, they designed a range of shorts featuring patterns reminiscent of beaches from around the globe. From the tropical, rainforest theme on the Bahamas; to the yacht-worthy nautical polka dot on the St Tropez; to the understated, Spanish island-inspired pastel stripe on the Ibiza; each tell a striking story.

Jordy and Corey felt it was important to incorporate a range of colours into their collection to suit varying skin tones, while ensuring each design remained fresh and contemporary so that every man can feel confident stepping onto the sand this summer.

Going from university buddies to life changing business partners has definitely been a rollercoaster for Jordy and Corey, but they could not be happier with their success. Since dipping their toe in the swimwear industry three years ago, Vacay Swimwear has since taken off around the world. From humble beginnings in South Australia, it has reached international markets in the US and Indonesia. After conquering the online market thanks to The Iconic and Asian equivalent Zalora, they are now also stocked on shelves in the department store giant David Jones.

Apart from looking good, feeling good is just as important, which is why Vacay Swimwear are continuously looking for ways to be more sustainable. Their addition of linen, which is made of flax plant fibres and is more biodegradable than other materials, is sure to be an eco-winner. As for their shorts, each are made using a revolutionary, high quality, quick-drying material that includes non-stretch, non-fading properties.

Expanding their collection to showcase a new line of resort wear, Vacay aims to take men from beach to bar thanks to their range of luxurious range of linen shirts and caps. But, of course, if you can’t get away, it doesn’t matter where you are, you don’t need to be on a holiday to enjoy all the label has to offer. Whether you’re off to a picnic in the park, heading to the pub with mates or soaking up the sun at your local beach – Vacay Swimwear will be sure to be the perfect fit.

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