You’ll be kicking yourself (because we are). Why didn’t we think of that?

Turns out that amidst a horrific bushfire season and now a pandemic, entrepreneurs and their products are born. And luckily for us, they’re here in Australia.

After facing catastrophic bushfires, Australia’s poor air quality in January was compared to the equivalent of smoking multiple cigarettes a day. And now, the unprecedented global pandemic; unfortunately we live in a reality where we can no longer guarantee the quality of air that we breathe.

But soon, we’ll have a little more control on the matter, thanks to the award-winning incubator masks, AusAir.

Entrepreneurial Australian brothers Isaac and Elisas Honor and lifelong friend Jack Graham have created a mask with filters that allow you to breathe ‘pure’ Australian air. First inspired by a trip to China in 2017, where they were horrified to experience heavy air pollution, they set out to design an aesthetically pleasing (well, as aesthetically pleasing as a mask can be) and comfortable solution with the added health benefits of Australian botanicals.

After research has revealed essential oils can combat problems caused by air pollution, this is where the trio stepped in. AusAir’s Tasmanian Lavender filter naturally reduces stress hormones which have shown to increase from breathing-in air pollution. Other delightful filters include Sydney Eucalyptus and Coastal Tea Tree.

The AusAir mask went viral on Kickstarter and now Indiegogo, raising over $2,000,000 across both platforms, blowing their now considerably small expectation of $20,000.

The mask is now in the final stages of development and will be delivered to customers around the country by June 2020. Available in three colours (blush, black and grey), you can pre-order the proudly Australian invention from the AusAir site now, as well as select your preferred botanical. Single mask packs start at $55+. Triggered by natural aromas? Then opt for the Blank Filter instead – they’ve thought of everything.

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