Spring is near and all we can think about is what we’re going to wear.

For all our gentlemen out there, please do not worry. Your spring style fashion update requires no thought because we have done all the hard work for you. So get scrolling and check out what trends are new and exciting this spring.


This spring we’ll be seeing stripes, sand and even more stripes. Popping up this season we’ll see t-shirts designed with both vertical and horizontal stripes alongside this neutral and refined sand colour, which will suit any skin type.

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Button-downs are all about patterns from here on out, and let’s be honest, is there anything we love more than a striking pattern? We don’t think so. Stripes also feature in these styles and just might become the staple for men’s spring fashion.

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Formal Long-Sleeve Shirts

Here we have three long-sleeve shirts that could be used both as a formal shirt but also dressed down with sneakers and shorts, great if you’re after a double-functioning shirt. Better yet, stripes aren’t the only staple next season, linen is also here to stay and we’re happy about it.

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Casual Outerwear

Spring can definitely still get nippy, so these casual outerwear options are essential to a well-balanced wardrobe. They’re something easy to pop on and off, look great and will still keep you warm.

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Formal Outerwear

Spring is the season for weddings, jovial outings and outdoor events, some of which will call for formal attire. A formal jacket is easy to pair with outfits and can enhance your overall look. These spring trends are definitely not shying away from colour and patterns, and we love it!

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Shorts are easy, simple and cool. For the most part, shorts function to complement an outfit, however, they can also just as easily make an outfit. If the occasion calls for it, shorts can also be worn to events with smart casual attire. Plus, they pair well with white linen shirts.

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Pants can be both formal and casual if you have the right style and pair them correctly. The Jack & Jones Marco Bowie SA Slim Fit Chinos, which, if paired with a button-down shirt and formal outerwear, would be suitably formal. One can just as easily pair them, or the other styles, with a tee and sneakers and you have the ultimate cool guy.

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In terms of colour, light and washed-out blues are well and truly in. Black is essential, however, the ripped knees are certainly having a moment, which we love. Interestingly, slim fit is a style that has gradually been gaining more momentum and taking the (much hogged) spotlight away from the skinny fit.

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Casual, dressy and sporty. These are the trends we will see throughout spring, such as the Suede Derby Shoes, which could be easily dressed up or down, depending on the shirt and outerwear choices. The Adidas’ are indicative of the white sneaker phenomenon that has not yet run its course, while the New Balances are an example of sporty meets lifestyle, and could be worn with a number of options to create a polished outfit.

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Accessories are going through a fun moment this spring. There are more caps than flat caps and bucket hats, and the colours are venturing into pastels, bright reds and yellows. With the more rolled up pants that we see, the style of the fun sock will live on, and the bum bag trend is certainly not slowing down.

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