With this Australian candle brand, it’s never been easier to make the switch to soy candles!

Is there anything that screams relaxation more than a good scented candle? They are truly the epitome of all things peaceful and relaxing! And, nothing is better than lighting a candle after a long day and dripping into relaxation.

A versatile all-rounder for any home; many of us can agree that candles also double as the perfect last-minute gift for that special someone.

Like with most things, especially with candles, we often forget to check the ingredients. And, unfortunately, not all candles and their ingredients are great for you, or the earth.

Why are soy candles better?

According to Cara Smusiak from How Stuff Works, soy candles are better for your health as it burns cleaner ingredients. All in all, soy candles produce 90 percent less soot, reducing the amount of indoor air pollution.

Littered with paraffins, additives, colourants and unsustainable waxes; they might smell good, but they aren’t doing much good for your home or your health.

Meet Mintstone Candles, a handmade and poured soy candle company based in Melbourne! Dedicated to creating candles that are not only wonderful for you, but also the environment too, Mintstone does all of this and more in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way.

But how could they possibly do that?

Well, Mintstone Candles’ secret is in its 100%  natural eco soy wax and premium Australian essential oils. It is with these ingredients that your candles can not only smell and look amazing, but protect the environment too.

Founded by the wonderful Saemyi, Mintstone Candles strive to bring light, stillness and peace to your day-to-day life, by providing candles which are not only good for the earth but the soul too! Each candle in the range is hand-poured and made with great love and attention, creating a beautiful product of care for everyone’s “me-time”.

But it’s not just the soy that makes these candles an eco-friendly gem. Their sustainable practices go all the way down to the wick. Mintstone Candles uses wood wicks, not only to allow for a longer burn and that incredible crackling sound, but also to allow for less stress on the environment.

Opposing plastic, Mintstone Candles uses cork lid stoppers on all of their candles which are made from the bark of a cork oak tree, allowing the trees to keep on growing as well as your home to keep glowing with these delicious and calming scents. A win-win if you ask us!

The idea of Mintstone Candles range stems from Saemyi’s time in Korea with her mother as a young child. Their days would be spent hiking through nature before arriving at a temple, only to be surrounded by each other’s presence and candles.

Fast forward a few years, Saemyi ordered and experimented with a candle-making kit. After gifting the finished product with loved ones, Saemyi decided to pursue the art and wanted to furthermore share the peace and light of candles with everyone.

The Mintstone Candles range has a wide variety of not only handmade soy candles but diffusers too – all with incredibly unique and flavoursome scents that will put you into the ultimate self-care mood and state of zen! From Avocado & Mint to Japanese Honeysuckle, Lavender & Cucumber to Juicy Watermelon, there is a scent for everyone!

Perfect if you’re ready to slip into your next self-care pamper session at home, Mintstone Candles will not only smell heavenly but will make you and the Earth feel good too!

Japanese Honeysuckle Candle
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Japanese Honeysuckle Candle

Meet Mintstone’s best-seller, the Japanese Honeysuckle candle ($44.95). With notes of vanilla, malt, jasmine, cedar, grape, neroli, mandarin and pine needle, this candle is a sweet treat for the senses! Nicknamed the “mood-lifter”, the Japanese Honeysuckle will have your space smelling like a sweet escape for up to 90 hours!

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Avocado and Mint Diffuser
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Avocado and Mint Diffuser

Another clear favourite from Mintstone Candles is the Avocado and Mint Diffuser ($44.95). With a refreshing and sweet smell, this diffuser will create a welcoming space for you to unwind in any day of the week. With notes of vanilla, light musk, geranium, mint, lemon zest and mandarin, this diffuser will promote relaxation and create a stress-free and stylish environment for you!

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Mintstone Candles Carefully Curated Guide and Tips for Caring for your Soy Candles and Diffusers:

How to Care for Your Soy Candles
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How to Care for Your Soy Candles

1. Burn your candle on its first burn for a whole hour. The first burn is always the most important one, most especially for soy candles, as it will prevent your wax from tunnelling and will increase your burn time.
2. Trim your wick back to about 5-millimetres before each burn to help promote an even and steady burn. This is important as wicks which are not properly trimmed may cause burning issues later on.
3. Keep your candle clean and beautiful by wiping the edge of the container after each burn. This will remove any melted wax and burn marks left from the flame.

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How to Care for Your Diffuser
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How to Care for Your Diffuser

1. Uncap the bottle and carefully remove the stopper. Then place the cap back on.
2. Insert five of the reed sticks in the bottle and keep the other five aside for a refill later on.

Care Tips:
1. Refresh the smell of your diffuser by flipping the reed stick ends to allow the scent to spread.
2. Replace the reed sticks every four to five months or as preferred based on the scent.

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