When art meets safety, we get a fashionable face mask that’s worth wearing.

Just in time for the Perthlings entering the halfway point of their five-day lockdown, Vistaprint, Australia’s favourite marketing partner that connects Aussie businesses to an array of promotional products, has announced the arrival of their reusable RFS™ face masks (from $26.95).

And in true 2021 style, these aren’t your stock-standard black and white face masks – these encapsulate the world of fashion, art and self-expression thanks to their collaboration with a lineup of world-renowned artists taking their famed prints to the face.

Intended to help Australian communities slow the spread of COVID-19, Vistaprint hopes that their reusable face mask capsule collection will normalise mask-wearing habits throughout this chaotic time whilst allowing wearers to celebrate personal and creative expression by bringing to life an artist’s design.

Think of it like an art gallery that you can wear everyday.

Featuring artists along the likes of Bráulio Amado, Fabricoo, Face Oka, Futura Laboratories, assume vivid astro focus, Gentle Thrills, Geoff McFetridge, Jen Stark, Jennifer Dahbura, Koralie, Lisa Perry, Michelle Hua, SupaKitch and Wokeface; Vistaprint’s line-up of reusable masks alongside their wide range of signature styles provides a fusion of futuristic fashion, art and practicality.

In compliance with health regulations, all masks are reusable, machine washable and feature adjustable straps, a three-dimensional chin structure, a bendable nose bridge and are made from a 100% latex-free polyester fibre outer layer. Each reusable face mask purchase also comes equipped with a 10-pack of filters which can be used for up to 12 hours. Designed with wearability and practicality in mind, Vistaprint’s RFS™ masks are available in a wide range of colours and prints for both adults and children.

And if you think that you’re the next Picasso, Vistaprint also allows Australians to now personally customise and design their very own reusable mask thanks to their pairing of high-quality printing – great for those with children who want to showcase their art, which is usually limited to the walls of their home!

Marcus Marchant, CEO of Vistaprint Australia said, “With today’s current climate, wearing a  mask is an integral part of both small business and consumers everyday life. At Vistaprint, we pride ourselves on the ability to pair high-quality printing with design and customisation.  These masks give Australian’s and their businesses the chance to showcase their brand and  personality, whilst raising awareness throughout everyday interactions.”  

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Feature image: Images via artist, Jen Stark, “Cosmic Shapes” supplied. Edited by Hunter and Bligh.
Editor’s Note: Hunter and Bligh was gifted by Vistaprint. All reviews are authentic and are in no way influenced by our partnership.