Australia, are you ready to get your hands dirty and eat only the freshest vegetables?

Growing your own veggie patch at home has never been easier thanks to Easy Come Easy Grow, Australia’s very own monthly vegetable and herb seed delivery service. And, as company Founder Shaun Gort says, it’s exactly why they launched in the first place.

“We had just moved into a small apartment with a courtyard and decided to start our own journey to grow fresh produce,” Shaun says. “Once we started looking into what to grow we realised that it was not easy to know what was in season and especially all the intricacies of when to harvest, fertilise and pick your veggies.

“It was at this time I realised there was no chance we were alone on our gardening journey and felt there was a niche to help others get growing at home.”

With the launch of Easy Come Easy Grow, subscribers get all the tips on growing a thriving vegetable and herb garden. And they only send what’s in season, so you never have to worry about when to plant it or how to tend to it.

All subscriptions are also personally designed, providing you with exactly what you want.

“We make it as simple as possible by providing regular garden updates on our Instagram, providing custom grow cards with all seeds and also a monthly newsletter which has even more juicy information to ensure all of our subscribers can grow along with us at home successfully.”

And, as any gardener will tell you, growing a garden is also about the journey rather than just the end product.

“Honestly, it is a matter of giving it a go and accepting that you’re not going to win every time,” Shaun says. “We’ve been gardening for 15 years and still make so many mistakes.

“But, at the same time, you need to celebrate those little wins ‒ like being able to pick some homegrown tomatoes for a summer salad.

“You’re never too young or old to start growing herbs and veggies at home and who knows, you might actually surprise yourself with a green thumb you never knew you had!”

For more information visit Easy Come Easy Grow to subscribe and to start sowing your own garden today.

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Feature image: Photographed by Alexander Raths. Image via Shutterstock.