2019’s Best Advent Calendars

Christmas Present. Photographed by Image via Unsplash

Why have one gift when you can have 24?

As the festive season is fast approaching, you may have pondered on one of two things: what you’re gifting family and friends, and what you’re gifting yourself. Thankfully, this list has been made to help solve all of your Christmas-frenzy thoughts. We have found 10 of the best advent calendars 2019 has got on offer. From beauty to body, tipples to teas, toys to luxury jewellery and even stationary calendars, perfect for those who like to write the New Year on a good note, there’s something for everyone.

So if you thought that advent calendars were just for children, think again.

The Body Shop

Australians love The Body Shop, and now you can be treated to 24 of their most popular products and collections thanks to their Beauty, Deluxe and Ultimate Dream Big this Christmas Advent calendars. Starting from $100, each of the 24 windows contain renowned products, including the Juicy Pear Hand Cream, bath bombs, shower gel, lip butter, bath gloves, body lotion, lip butter and our favourite, the shea body butter. And if this isn’t already the advent calendar of your dreams, we’re here to let you know that each of the calendars also include special edition seasonal ranges – so there’s definitely no missing out here.

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Bonne Maman

What’s the festive season without feasting? This year, Bonne Maman takes the title of the most creative advent calendar, thanks to their 24 jam-packed windows perfect for you to taste your way through. That’s right, jam. This year, from $33, Bonne Maman’s advent calendar packs a punch with their newest range, including white nectarine and peach, rhubarb and strawberry, purple fig with cinnamon, which are just a few from their new collection. Plus, part of their returning favourites, expect to see strawberry and redcurrant, lemon spread, pear and Mirabelle plum, quince, and even blueberry with blackberry to name a few. Get ready to spread some Christmas joy!

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Australia’s favourite online beer store that stock the biggest collection of craft and boutique beers have released their annual Christmas treat: the BoozeBud 2019 Beer Advent Calendar. And unlike others on this list, BoozeBud will allow beer drinkers to sample their way to Christmas with 25 of their best craft beers. Sourced from 25 Australian breweries including 4 Pines, BentSpoke, Balter, Hop Nation, Stomping Ground, Modus Operandi and Bridge Road, the case of 25 is available to purchase for $109.99. Plus, BoozeBud’s Advent Calendar is also counting down to the big day with their newest creation, a cider calendar. So whether you start at one or at 25, the biggest decision will be to choose either beer or cider (or both).

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Happy Socks

If you’re happy and you know it, then clap your hands as we’re about to make your Christmas that little bit happier, thanks to Happy Socks’ Advent Calendar Gift Box. Including 24 pairs of festive-inspired Happy Socks and housed within a giant green calendar, it is valued at $349.95. Made from 86% combed cotton and available in all sizes, the advent calendar socks have an eclectic mix of colourful designs, perfect for Christmas festivities and even year round – because why not? Note: they are also perfect for sneaking around on Christmas Eve to check out the presents early.

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Want to start the new year with some new stationary? Then kikki.K’s Stationery Lovers Advent Calendar is the perfect way to give your pencil case a fresh, new, luxe look. Priced at $149 and available only in store, the kikki.K advent calendar features 25 gifts hidden behind 25 perforated windows. Sourcing gifts from kikki.K’s most loved collections, this Christmas you’ll be writing to Santa using your new rose gold pen and rose gold bulldog clip. If you’re a stationery lover, this will surely be topping your Christmas wish list.

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Lego Star Wars

For the young at heart, we present you with one of, if not, the best, advent calendar on the list: Lego’s Star Wars advent calendar. If Lego and Star Wars are two of your favourite things, then this is a must buy. Priced at $49.99, the Lego Star Wars calendar is perfect for ages six and up; containing 280 pieces, the advent calendar features some of Star Wars most renowned characters including Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, a Stormtrooper and even two special Christmas-themed characters. Allowing you to build starships, characters and more, this is definitely a Christmas miracle.

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If you’re a beauty fiend, you’ll be seeing stars thanks to M.A.C’s Stars for Days Advent Calendar. Priced at $360 with over $520 worth of products, those who get their hands on this bad boy can start their holiday season with 24 of M.A.C’s best products, including two mini and two full-sized lipsticks, two mini lip glosses, five eye shadows, a brow set, prepping creams and even a limited edition keychain. Stored within a giant purple star with 24 tessellated windows, this is one to add to your list, or should we say calendar?

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Tiffany & Co.

There’s nothing like being gifted with that iconic duck egg blue box. This Christmas, why not treat someone special (or yourself if you feel like indulging) with Tiffany & Co.’s $163,775 ($112,000 US) ultimate advent calendar. Yes, you read that price right. With only four available worldwide, behind the 24 windows buyers will find some of Tiffany’s most timeless pieces such as Tiffany City HardWear Link Bracelet and Earrings in 18 carat gold with diamonds, platinum Tiffany Victoria Earrings with diamonds, Return to Tiffany earrings, brooch and tag bracelet and even a sterling silver rocking horse ornament, and that’s just a few of the presents. Could we really expect anything less from Tiffany?

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If you love nothing more than a freshly brewed cup of tea, or a refreshing iced tea to cool down in the summer months, then we suggest T2’s Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar. Available in teabags or loose leaf, this calendar was definitely made for sipping! Featuring an eclectic range of 24 old T2 classics, new favourites and even some festive editions, the T2 advent calendar is bound to have your brew come with discovery and flavour. So what can you expect? Tea lovers will see chai, Christmas breakfast, crème brulee, eggnog, gorgeous geisha, jade mountain and even New York breakfast, to name a few – the rest are a surprise!

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Whisky Loot

So, you’re a whisky lover; then you must know about Whisky Loot, Australia’s premium whisky subscription service. Each month Whisky Loot ships out three 60mL hard-to-find whisky bottles for you to try. Now, for the month of December, Whisky Loot will be offering 24 nights of whisky with their $329 advent calendar. Alongside the 60mL tasters, receivers of this gift will also be gifted tasting notes to keep track of the Japanese, Scottish, Irish, American and Australian whiskies on offer. Plus, alongside some of the notable whiskies included, Whisky Loot has also poured in some limited edition favourites.

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