Healthy and beneficial – we’ve got three reasons why you should be making a switch to natural vegan beauty products in 2021.

Have you ever wondered what ingredients are hiding in your beauty products? Because not all beauty products are vegan-friendly, natural or healthy for you.

So, if you’re wondering whether organic, vegan-friendly, cruelty- and paraben-free solutions are really worth it, the answer is yes. While equally having a positive impact on your skin, choosing a more sustainable solution is also great for the environment too.

Cue INIKA Organic, an Australian-owned, fully vegan makeup and skincare brand – the world’s first 100 per cent natural beauty brand. And, to help us realise the benefits of natural makeup and skincare, INIKA Organic has shared with us three reasons why we should be using natural and vegan beauty products in 2021:

1. Natural Makeup and Skincare has Natural Benefits for the Skin

Ingredients to avoid in makeup? Where do we begin. By opting for natural beauty products you are essentially avoiding a long list of ingredients that can be toxic and harmful to the skin. Natural skincare and makeup is free from synthetic preservatives and fragrances, parabens, silicones or petrochemicals, and no fillers or texturisers.

Apart from often being suitable for all skin types – even sensitive and mature skin – the natural botanicals and pure minerals of natural beauty products also benefit us by:

  • Protecting the skin from environmental stressors. Thanks to potent antioxidants like the natural Magnolia Bark in INIKA’s Baked Mineral Foundation, your skin will stay protected against free radicals.
  • Nourishing the skin whilst also providing chemical-free sun protection. With INIKA Organic’s Loose Mineral Foundation SPF25 that’s high in Zinc Oxide, users will find a long-lasting, chemical-free sun protection.

2. Natural and Vegan Beauty Products are Better for the Environment

By choosing natural beauty brands that are mindful about the environment, you are steering clear of makeup brands that follow unhealthy practices. Petroleum-based ingredients, even in beauty practices, are not only unconventional for our skin, but they also support mining which harms soil and wildlife habitats across the globe. This is where INIKA Organic steps in with their sustainably sourced, natural based products that avoid these unapologetic methods.

3. Vegan Beauty Products Protects Wildlife

Did you know that vegan and cruelty-free products are never tested in animals? We can all agree that finding cruelty-free makeup and skincare brands is a task in itself. But, Australian-owned INIKA Organic ensures that all of their products and processes harm neither animals nor habitats. When looking for a brand to use, ensure that they are certified vegan and cruelty-free – their products won’t contain animal derivatives or by-products so no animal cruelty is involved.

If you’re ready to start a sustainable switch with your beauty routine, browse INIKA Organic’s natural and vegan makeup and skincare products online and discover their range.

Editor’s Note: Hunter and Bligh has partnered with INIKA Organic to highlight why Australians should be using natural and vegan beauty products in 2021.