3/189 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC
Monday to Saturday 7am – 4pm
Sunday 8am – 4pm
(03) 9428 8929

Brought to us by the innovative trio Alger Liu, Allen Goh and Jason Pribadi, Otto is a rich cafe experience in the heart of Richmond. 

After walking several blocks down the bustling Bridge Road, it was a relief to step into such a calm and welcoming environment as Otto’s. Two waiters and the barista warmly smiled at me as I entered. I smiled back as my eyes wandered around the large and airy space.

“Ode To The Original”, or “Otto” for short, resembles just that, as I could immediately see that this was a truly original place. From the industrial ceiling to the gold fixtures on the wall, the wood panelling and splashes of greenery, there were so many eclectic elements that all came together in a very cool and natural way. I glanced at some of the marble tabletops and noticed that the dishes looked not only Instagram-worthy but art gallery-worthy. Already in awe, I made my way to a table.

Otto's space. Image Supplied.

Otto’s space. Image Supplied.

While the cafe buzzed with catchy music and the excited chatter of other patrons, it wasn’t overwhelming. I could easily exchange pleasant words with the staff without having to shout and I could hear myself think. The first thought I had while I surveyed Otto’s menu was the phrase “something for everyone.” The rich and varied menu contains breakfast, lunch and brunch to satisfy every palate. Want something simple? There’s eggs on toast. Want to share something extravagant? Try the sharing plate that features ham, black pudding, exotic mushroom, egg custard, trout rillettes, hush puppies, miso smashed avocado and French toast. On top of their heartier meals, Otto also serves an array of dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options too.

My head spun with all those tempting options but since it was breakfast-time and I have a sweet tooth, I had to go with the Hotcake ($17.90). Being a warm day in Melbourne and a non-coffee drinker, I opted to pair the hotcake with an Iced Chocolate ($6.50) to drink.

The drink came first, served quickly and with a friendly smile. Served in a clear, mason jar glass the Iced Chocolate tasted just lovely. Not too milky and not too chocolatey, right at a pleasant midpoint.

Then came the hotcake!

Otto Hotcake ($17.9). Image supplied via Otto Facebook.

Otto Hotcake ($17.9). Image supplied via Otto Facebook.

Described easily as a mountain of pillowy pancake on top of which sat a garden of sweet treats including slow-cooked apple, blueberry gel, caramelised grains and mascarpone. There was also a vessel of butterscotch sauce on the side which I happily sloshed over the top. With so many elements, every bite of this beauty felt like a new adventure of taste and texture – all which were very yummy. I was also pleased to notice that the hotcake was moist all the way through, not like some of the disappointing, dry ones I’ve had elsewhere. For less than $20, I had enjoyed a breakfast that I knew would keep me full until dinner. Amazing value.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Otto’s. Although it only opened in early October, it has the quality and service that one would expect from a long-running institution; but I expect that Otto’s will most definitely become one. I walked away from Otto with a smile, a thoroughly satisfied stomach and the certainty that I will be visiting again soon. Hopefully, so will you!