Let’s face it, you simply can’t go past a dessert bar.

And one with the calibre of KOI Dessert Bar & Dining turns your sugar fix into a delicate fusion of art and taste.

But what’s even better, is a dessert bar that also excels in refined dishes filled with delicious pungent flavours – the perfect entree to your dessert feast.

The story of KOI Dessert Bar & Dining commenced long before Reynold Poernomo was inducted into MasterChef’s dessert hall of fame as the ‘King of Desserts’ in 2015. In fact, this heartwarming story began in a tiny garage back in in 2012, where Reynold’s Mother, Ike Malada, started her food business with only $300, in order to help support the family.

Since the 1st March 2019, Ike’s youngest son, Reynold, has taken over the entire KOI operation and using the experience he has gained over the past 3 years to re-define the dining section of KOI – KOI Dining, to provide a more refined, sophisticated and restrained menu with an intimate dining setting. KOI, which stands for ‘Kids Of Ike’, is operated by brothers Ronald, Arnold and Reynold Poernomo, who together have delivered some of Australia’s most unique and delicious desserts.

The past three years have seen growth in Reynold’s personal approach to cooking which has evolved the concept behind KOI Dining, as he’s brought it back to simpler roots in their new set dining menu, created and led by Reynold himself.

“I’ve learned a lot since MasterChef but the most important lesson has been to show restraint in cooking. Complex does not have to mean complicated. My style of cooking has become much more mature and so have my ideas. It’s no longer about coming up as many ideas as possible but instead taking the time to develop and grow them which allows me to correct what doesn’t work and have more thoughtfulness in my dishes.”

Reynold’s new menu and dining concept has transformed KOI Dining into a more intimate and warmer experience whilst also showcasing Reynold’s incredible savoury dishes, inspired by his unique Indonesian and Australian background.

KOI Dining’s set menus will change seasonally with its Autumn menu focusing on warmer flavours that are earthy, spicy with a hint of Indonesian. Some key dishes for you to look out for include Crack bread (milk bun) with Sambal butter, Lemongrass orange blossom gel, Pumpkin Rendang and Braised Short Ribs with pumpkin, enoki, blistered capsicum, sambal, beef jus and mountain pepper.

Intrigued?! We’ll see you at KOI Dessert Bar & Dining.

Feature image, Pumpkin Rendang- Image supplied.