Say konnichiwa to the absolute best Japanese in Canberra!

Photographed by Amit Lahav. Image via Unsplash.


Inspired by the traditional minimalism and eclectic visuals of urban Japan, Lilotang brings a unique energy and flavour to the Japanese restaurant scene in Canberra. Between a blend of unique materials and textures, pop neon lighting and manga strip wallpaper, Lilotang has created a self-described ‘new sensory experience’. With Japanese snack favourites, including their delicious popcorn shrimp with chilli mayo, or their wagyu brisket with soy glaze, you’re sure to never leave on an empty stomach. One of the most exciting and unique restaurants in Canberra, soak in some otaku flavours with Lilotang!

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1 Burbury Cl, Canberra, ACT 2600
<strong>Iori Japanese Restaurant</strong>
Photographed by Derek Duran. Image via Unsplash.

Iori Japanese Restaurant

If you’re after a great bite of sushi, then look no further than Iori. High quality ingredients and traditional Japanese decor means you’ll relish every bite, transporting you into a quaint Japanese dive bar. And with a dedicated sushi bar and phenomenal service, there are few Japanese restaurants in Canberra that can offer sushi and sashimi on the same level as Iori. So make a reservation at Iori for a divine night out.

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41 East Row, Canberra, ACT 2601
Photographed by Mahmoud Fawzy. Image via Unsplash.


If fine dining is more your style, than Raku deserves more than a look. Raku is a sleek, modern Japanese bar and restaurant that cultivates a refined dining experience unlike anything else in Canberra. Using only the highest-quality and freshest ingredients, Raku handcrafts each dish into a small work of art of refined flavours — whether that be with their raw meat, tempura, sushi, and nigiri and all signature dishes on offer. Match your meal with a delectable sake or wine, and you’ll be ready for an exquisite night out at Raku, one of the best fine dining Japanese restaurants in Canberra.

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148 Bunda St, Canberra, ACT 2608
Photographed by Paulo Doi. Image via Unsplash.


Energetic, lively, and delicious; Akiba is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Canberra and for a good reason. Inspired by the informal style of the great eating halls found across South-East Asia, Akiba showcases the succulent flavours of Asian barbecue, as each dish is cooked over a live fuel of wood and charcoal. Bespoke and colourful cocktails make every dining experience a treat in between bites of Japanese fried chicken and sweet & sticky squid. Make a booking at Akiba for a great night out with friends and family in Canberra.

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40 Bunda St, Canberra, ACT 2601

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Feature Image: Photographed by Mahmoud Fawzy. Image via Unsplash.