Get your caffeine fix and slurp up the best coffee Brisbane has to offer!

The sunshine state sure does love its coffee. Whether you’re looking for a cosy spot to enjoy a latte, a trendy place to sip a cold brew, or a quirky cafe to indulge in some delicious treats, you’ll find it in Brisbane.

If you’re looking to embrace the culture and charm of the Brisbane coffee scene, we’ve come up with a list of the best cafes and coffee shops in Brisbane. From the suburbs to the CBD, these coffee spots are sure quench your coffee thirst and truly delight your taste buds!

<strong>Pawpaw Cafe</strong>
Image supplied by Pawpaw Cafe.

Pawpaw Cafe

A South-East Asian breakfast and dinner cafe in Brisbane’s bustling Woolloongabba suburb, Pawpaw Cafe offers tropical ambiance with your cup of specialty coffee. Coconut Frappe and unique fruit smoothies are just some of the delicious drinks on offer, with frosé and mojito jugs cocktails at night. If you’re got a little time for a snack, check out their scrumptious all-day breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, tinged with flavoursome Thai-inspired dishes. The Instagrammable interior oozes a quirky atmosphere of blooming flower murals and unique decor that we’re sure you’ll love!

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898 Stanley St, East Woolloongabba, QLD 4102
<strong>Morning After</strong>
Image supplied by Morning After Brisbane.

Morning After

Located in the quiet streets of Brisbane’s West End, Morning After is a pleasant surprise to greet you every morning before work. One of the best coffee shops in Brisbane, with Wes Andersen-esque decor of clean lines and poppy colours makes Morning After a relaxing and unique cafe for any weekend brunches. Once inside, the all-day-breakfast and lunch menus offers healthy and indulgent meals, including vegetarian and vegan options for many of their dishes. And, with some of the best coffee in Brisbane, you’re sure to start your day right with Morning After.

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57 Vulture St, West End, QLD 4101
<strong>Andonis Cafe and Bar</strong>
Image supplied by Andonis.

Andonis Cafe and Bar

With various locations around Queensland, including Fortitude Valley, Andonis Cafe and Bar is serving decadent meals all day every day. Andonis Loaded Croissants, Schnitzel Loaded Benedict and Spartan Omlettes are just a handful of whats available on their all-day breakfast menu. With food equivalent of baroque artwork, Andonis Cafe and Bar also has an expansive range of high-quality coffee for guests to enjoy. One of the best cafes in Brisbane, you’re sure to have a glorious time at Andonis Cafe and Bar.

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Various Locations
<strong>Nodo Donuts</strong>
Photographed by Aneta Voborilova. Image via Unsplash.

Nodo Donuts

With handfuls of locations plotted around Brisbane, Nodo Donuts has a simple philosophy: eat donuts for breakfast. This desire to turn donuts into a delicious morning snack has led to Nodo’s renowned gluten-free baked donuts, using high-quality ingredients for a seasonal menu, including pumpkin maple and blueberry lemon donuts. Pair this donut with a warm brew of coffee, and you’ll be ready for the day ahead at Nodo Donuts, one of the best cafes in Brisbane!

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Various Locations
<strong>Bear Boy Espresso</strong>
Photographed by Kaylah Matthews. Image via Unsplash.

Bear Boy Espresso

Opening up in Windor’s newly re-developed, heritage-listed Colwill Place, Bear Boy Espresso is a cosy cafe that shows off just how good Brisbane coffee can be. Pour Over, Batch Brew, and Iced Filter coffee are some of the stand-out beverages at Bear Boy Espresso, with some of the drinks selling out throughout the day. Inside, the minimalistic Scandinavian interior comes replete with warm hues, smoothed timers, and plenty of plants. So grab some friends and get your caffeine fix at one of Brisbane’s best coffee shops!

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180 Albion Rd, Brisbane, QLD 4030
<strong>Coffee Anthology</strong>
Photographed by Klara Kulikova. Image via Unsplash.

Coffee Anthology

Housed inside the heritage-listed facade at Midtown Centre, Coffee Anthology is renowned for their master baristas who have an encyclopedic amount of knowledge when it comes to coffee beans. Regarded by many as having some of the best coffees in Brisbane, Coffee Anthology brews high-end coffee with an exhaustive and diverse drinks menu. A place where coffee is put on a pedestal, Coffee Anthology’s modernist interior — with clean brick walls, unique lighting and simplistic decor — makes visitors feel as if they are entering a unique world of coffee.

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126 Margaret St, Brisbane, QLD 4000
<strong>John Mills Himself Building Cafe</strong>
Photographed by Katlyn Giberson. Image via Unsplash.

John Mills Himself Building Cafe

The John Mills Himself Building is an iconic, heritage listed institution in Brisbane CBD. Inside, it also sneakily houses one of the best cafes in Brisbane. This tiny hidden gem of a cafe, named after the building itself, is a cosy and relaxing space for brunch and lunch with friends and family. The trendy interior has leant into a rustic look featuring exposed brickwork, simple downlights, and bar stools not unlike a saloon. Tasty coffee, yummy nibbles, and friendly staff make the John Mills Himself Building Cafe a true delight for any coffee lovers in Brisbane.

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40 Charlotte St, Brisbane, QLD 4000
<strong>The Green</strong>
Photographed by Nathan Dumlao. Image via Unsplash.

The Green

A modern Middle Eastern and Mediterranean-inspired cafe in Fortitude Valley, The Green is a must-visit for anyone looking to slurp down a great cup of coffee. Once inside you’ll be overwhelmed with the stunning collection of lush greenery against the stark concrete structure, creating a delicious oasis that stands out from other cafes in Brisbane. The Green specialises in mouth-watering Lebanese cuisine including shakshuka and avocado on manoush, a Lebanese flatbread. Each dish is designed to be shared, so bring some friends along to The Green, one of the best coffee shops in Fortitude Valley.

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27 James St, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006

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Feature image: Photographed by Jayden Sim. Image via Unsplash.