The Top 8 Chinese Restaurants in Melbourne 2024

Panda Hot Pot. Image via Visit Victoria

Fire up your tastebuds for the best wontons, peking duck, noodles and so much more at the best Chinese restaurants in Melbourne!

With a world-renowned dining scene, Melbourne takes the ancient dining experience of Chinese cooking and takes it to a whole new level. From the sizzle of woks to the delicate dance of dim sum, from spicy Sichuan to gob smacking Guilin cuisine, Melbourne has everything you need to keep your chopsticks busy.

So if delectable dumplings let off a tantalising siren call, then join us as we unveil the best Chinese restaurants in Melbourne of 2024! Whether you’re a wonton warrior, a peking duck devotee, or just someone on the quest for the perfect bowl of noodles, our list is your passport to an unforgettable Chinese dining in Melbourne!

<strong>Bamboo House</strong>
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Bamboo House

Serving Melbournians since 1984, Bamboo House is home to some of the best Northern Chinese cooking in Melbourne. Located right in the heart of the CBD, Bamboo House serves up a massive selection of Chinese delicacies such as their mouthwatering Peking Duck and Steamed Scampi, using only the finest local produce and ingredients to recapture a taste of home. And with a luxurious fine dining interior, including gorgeous Chinese calligraphic paintings festooned on the walls, you’ll be dining like an emperor at Bamboo House.

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47 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
<strong>Chef David</strong>
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Chef David

Brought to life by the renowned chef David Li, the self-titled Chef David aims to mix traditional Sichuan flavours with a modern twist, concocting a modern Asian dining experience like no other. Therefore, expect the unexpected: Dry Pot Cauliflower with aged pork sausage, Bullfrog with Sichuan Pepper, Truffle Wagyu Fried Rice and, of course, their signature Grilled Fish make Chef David a must visit for a something new. And with an interior decked out in cyber punk inspired deco, you’ll truly be on the cutting edge at Chef David in Melbourne.

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Level 1, 462 Elizabeth St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
<strong>Din Tai Fung</strong>
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Din Tai Fung

Dumplings are a staple of Chinese cuisine, and with 50 years of experience since its founding in 1974 Taiwan, we think the fine chefs at Din Tai Fung know a thing or two. Tucked away inside of the Emporium, Din Tai Fung has been on a mission to craft some of the most flavourful and tasty dumplings you can find anywhere in the city. Each hand-crafted dumpling comes packed with seafood, chicken, pork and vegetarian options to suit your mood, delivering a warm pouch of comfort. While their dumplings are divine, their side dishes and main offer plenty of variety and other tasty flavours to chow into with friends and family. So for those after the best dumplings in Melbourne, no where does it better than Din Tai Fung.

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287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
<strong>Flower Drum</strong>
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Flower Drum

For over four decades, Flower Drum has been a pillar of Melbourne’s dining scene. Found tucked away in Chinatown Melbourne, this Chinese fine dining restaurant consistently delivers exceptional Cantonese cuisine in an elegant and refined setting. The restaurant’s expertly crafted dishes, attentive service and warm ambiance create a memorable culinary journey that keeps patrons coming back for more. For your visit we recommend trying the Roast Duck, the Jade Tiger Abalone Crystal Noodles, ‘Typhoon Shelter’ Lamb Cutlets and, to finish, the Bird’s Nest in Almond Cream dessert that will set you back $150 per serve.

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17 Market Ln, Melbourne, VIC 3000
<strong>Lee Ho Fook</strong>
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Lee Ho Fook

Showcasing the very best of traditional and modern Chinese cuisine in Melbourne, Lee Ho Fook is a must for any serious aficionado of East Asian cooking. Tucked away down a Melbourne alleyway from Flinders Lane, Lee Ho Fook has the vibes and energy of a fast-paced alternative eatery straight out of The Bear. The stand outs include their Four Dances of the Sea seafood platter as well as the signature Lee Ho Fook Peking Duck, a maltose glazed dry aged duck that simply melts off the fork. So, grab some friends and enjoy a night on the town at one of the best Chinese restaurants in Melbourne CBD!

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11-15 Duckboard Pl, Melbourne, VIC 3000
<strong>Panda Hot Pot</strong>
Image via Visit Victoria.

Panda Hot Pot

One of the most ostentatious and extravagant restaurants in Melbourne, Panda Hot Pot is one of the best Chinese hot pot eateries in the city for good reason. Walking inside is like stepping back in time to ancient China, complete with a giant dragon statue in the centre of the establishment, intimate Chinese eating booths, and plenty of other small details that show the love and care taken at this themed restaurant. That same attention to detail is also found in the cooking, as an expansive range of spiced soups, meats and vegetables that show off the diversity of flavours and spiciness of Sichuan cooking.

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100 Victoria St, Carlton, VIC 3053
<strong>RuYi Modern Chinese</strong>
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RuYi Modern Chinese

Clean, delightful and always tasty, RuYi Modern Chinese is the perfect Asian eatery to enjoy with friends and family for any occasion. Finding a home in Melbourne’s iconic Liverpool Street, this modern Chinese eatery represents a new style for Chinese restaurants in Melbourne, with elegant interiors that feel warm and inviting. Yet where RuYi stands out is their refined menu, offering visitors one of Melbourne’s best modern Chinese restaurants. Enjoy pure and zingy flavours inspired by provincial Chinese dishes such as their Pan Fried Pork Dumplings, Szechuan Eggplant Fries, and even the succulent Steamed Barramundi Fillet. And with the options for five and seven course set menus, you’ll never leave hungry from RuYi Modern Chinese.

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16 Liverpool St, Melbourne, VIC 3000.
<strong>Spice Temple</strong>
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Spice Temple

One of the best fine dining Chinese eateries in Melbourne, Spice Temple is equivalent to a religious experience. Located inside the Crown Complex, this luxurious restaurant elevates the art of culinary fusion from China’s far-flung regions, crafting a menu of sensational modern dishes from world-class chefs and high-quality ingredients. Think Glazed Duck Breast, Nanjing Style Red Braised Pork Hock, and Charcoal Grilled Lamb Backstrap for just a sampling of the exquisite dishes on offer. The dimly lit interior helps to create an intimate atmosphere between yourself, your friends, and each serving. Add in a smattering of creative cocktails, and you’ll have the perfect night out at Spice Temple.

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8 Whiteman St, Southbank, VIC 3006

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Feature image: Panda Hot Pot. Image via Visit Victoria.
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