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The Wine Diaries: Chocolate & Wine

How could an Easter egg become even better? Add the right wine.

Four days off means you’ve got a little extra time to recover from a hangover. So, why not capitalise on the long weekend, even if it’s just for a small tipple, and match your bounty of chocolate Easter eggs with the perfect drop?

However, this is something you certainly do not want to get wrong. Chocolate and wine are generally quite difficult to pair. So why bother? Because we love a challenge, and when put together well, it’s worth it. To ensure we don’t lead you astray we’ve sought professional assistance from the Marketing Manager of exclusive liquor brands at Coles, WSET-certified wine expert Carolyn Etherington – so we know we are in good hands.




If you’re indulging in a little white chocolate or hacking into a Cadbury Dream bunny, you can’t go past a Pinot Noir. It turns out that the lightest of Pinot Noirs are shockingly delicious when paired with white chocolate. The white chocolate acts as the fat to deliver sweet flavours of red cherries, strawberries and raspberries that are found in the wine.

The experts recommend:
Curious Kiwi Pinot Noir
The Ned Pinot Noir
Rapaura Springs Pinot Noir
Ballewindi Pinot Noir



Our second tip revolves around milk chocolate, which should be good quality, meaning it will be half chocolate and half cream. The extra fat from the cream makes milk chocolate one of the easiest ‘true’ chocolates to pair liquor with. Milk chocolate will pair nicely with lighter, fruitier and lower alcohol reds or a fortified wine such as Muscat, Tokay or a Tawny – its butterscotch, toffee and nutty nuances highlight milk chocolate’s nutty and caramel notes and enhance the overall flavour!

The experts recommend:
St Andrews Tawny
McWilliams 5-year-old Tawny



The secret behind finding the true pairing to dark chocolate is polyphenols. The polyphenols in dark chocolate mirror those in wine and give both a slightly bitter taste. This bitterness in dark chocolate is what we recommend balancing out with a properly selected wine. Shiraz, Zinfandel and Malbec are all great pairings for dark chocolate! If you’re biting into a higher percentage dark chocolate you’ll need to call for a bolder, denser and fuller-bodied red wine that have more concentrated fruit notes.

The experts recommend:
Winton Road Shiraz
Wente Zinfandel
Pensilva Shiraz

Franco & Rico Malbec

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