Glazing around? We’ve potted everything you need to get you inspired!

Maybe you’ve considered taking up a new hobby since we’re spending so much more time at home? Or, perhaps you’re equipped with the basics of pottery and are now looking to sharpen your skills from the comfort of your humble abode? Let us point you to the world of YouTube – the online video sharing platform where you can sit back and watch your way through millions of videos on pottery and the fine, bewitching world of ceramics.

To kickstart your online journey we’ve curated a list of the best four pottery YouTube channels to watch right now. Get ready as things are about to get dirty!

Bill Van Glider

Based in the United States, Bill Van Glider started his clay work at the age of 15. Now, with almost 45 years experience in the ceramics industry, Bill’s professional work can be found featured in an array of media including the Clay Times, Ceramic Arts (China), The Art of American Classics and many more. His YouTube channel, however, is the ultimate way to subscribe to Bill’s demonstrations and do-it-yourself inspired series – all filmed in his personal studio. With over 24,000 subscribers and 1.5 million views, Bill Van Glider is ready to show you anything you could need to know in the world of pottery, from hand-building, clay extruding, how-to with your tools and even steps on cutting holes into a colander – he’s got it all! Plus, if you love his work, you can purchase his handmade pottery from his website.

Ceramic Arts Network

If you’re looking for the ultimate hub when it comes to step-by-step guides, pottery and how-tos, Ceramic Arts Network is the best place to go. Launching the YouTube channel nine years ago after the successful launch of the International Ceramic Artists Network organization, today, this online platform dives hands first into the world of ceramics. Serving as a blog for active potters (or those who wish to be), Ceramic Arts Network allows viewers to join a range of different artists to help them learn and improve their skills- all while displaying their own unique work. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, this channel is perfect for those who love to adore the visually stunning world of pottery.

Hsin-Chuen Lin

Born in Taiwan, the now California-based ceramicist, Hsin-Chuen Lin, has spent more than 30 years working with his passion, clay. Starting his YouTube channel in 2009, today, Hsin-Chuen has over 84,000 subscribers and 11 million views and counting. Although Hsin-Chuen has an array of multimedia to follow including a website, Etsy shop and Facebook page, his YouTube channel is well worth both watching and subscribing to. With over 400 tutorials, tuning into Hsin-Chuen Lin will be a relaxing and blissful experience as Hsin delicately creates enchanting masterpieces thanks to the help of his hands, his pottery wheel and of course, clay.

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