Make your childhood dreams with Mattel’s newest remote controlled Tesla Cybertruck – the ultimate Christmas 2021 gift.

In early September, the leaders behind toy cars, Hot Wheels, announced the arrival of the hottest toy to hit Australia’s shelves: the Tesla Cybertruck.

Proving to be perfect for toy-lovers and car enthusiasts alike, the Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck is a complete replica of the real deal.

Although you won’t be able to hit up to 100 kilometres in less than seven seconds, the remote-controlled replica will still serve hours of unlimited entertainment.

So what do you need to know about the Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck? Firstly, much like original, the limited-edition collectible is all-electric, 1:10 in scale, scores up to 17 kilometres an hour and it comes with a replica of the Tesla Cyberquad – an electric, all-terrain quad bike with working lights and a controller that mimics the innovative and equally distinctive steering wheel.

On top of that, the Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck remote-controlled car features authentic rims, authentic tyre treads, functioning head- and tail-lights, all-wheel drive (including Chill and Sport modes), a Tonneau “Vault” cover, a telescopic tailgate that folds out into a loading ramp and, for those who like to get into the nitty and gritty, a removable plastic body that reveals the interior access to the battery and drivetrain system.

The partnership between Mattel and Tesla was unveiled three months after the life-size Cybertruck was released. A first of its kind and a major hit within the US, the electric remote control model sold out within hours.

“This is just another exciting show case of Hot Wheels partnering with inspiring brands and brining innovation to the toy industry, for kids and adults alike.

We’re incredibly proud to bring the Remote Control Cybertruck to Australia. We’ve had a fantastic reaction in the US and can’t wait for Australian fans to enjoy this exciting new 1:10 scale from Hot Wheel”, said Mattel Australia and New Zealand Director of Marketing Jacinta Whitehead.

Where to buy the Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck? Priced at $199, you can now purchase the Hot Wheels RC 1:10 Tesla Cybertruck online only at Target.

Coming just in time for Christmas 2021, the limited-edition release is a canvas for innovation and allows adults and children to unleash their imaginations and explore the world of cars.

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