Dumpling lovers, let’s talk a bao it. 

Spending more time experimenting with new cuisines or maybe you’re dumpling-founded and need an all-rounder recipe book as your newest go to (or should we say guo tie)? Then let us give you a warm and juicy introduction to the latest must-have cookbook to hit our shelves: This is a Book About Dumplings.

Seamlessly stuffed by none other than MasterChef Australia’s favourite contestant, Brendan Pang, This is a Book About Dumplings is courageously self-explanatory thanks to it’s not so discreet title. With Australia’s own dumpling mastermind at the helm, this recipe book will make sure to let your taste buds in for a treat.

Hitting the shelves this August, dumpling lovers and cooks alike will be invited to reignite their passion for the beloved Chinese staple thanks to Brendan’s creative flair. Easily divided into nine sections, This is a Book About Dumplings sees a mouthwatering mix of this MasterChef legend’s favourite recipes including his grandmother’s pork wontons, rainbow coloured creations, sauces, wrappers, snacks and even folding guides throughout.

Inspired by his family’s Chinese and Mauritian background, Brendan covers a range of dumpling how-tos including classic Chinese-style offerings alongside and playful new creations such as Purple Miso Roasted Eggplant Potstickers, Shanghai Soup Dumplings, Red Curry Chicken Wonton Soup, Tea-Smoked Duck Breast and of course, a staple for any dumpling recipe book, BBQ Pork Steamed Buns.

With simple instructions to each recipe, regardless of their experience, over 170 pages dumpling lovers will learn how to create a range of boiled, steamed and fried goodies – all with ease at home. Plus, you can forget the stress of purchasing additional equipment – all you need is This is a Book About Dumplings and some hungry mouths to feed.

A MasterChef Australia fan favourite in 2018 and 2020, Perth-based Brendan Pang has honed his expertise with his own mobile dumpling kitchen, Bumplings Perth, and transported it into an easy, photo-filled step-by-step cookbook that is perfect for anyone wanting to hand make flavourful, professional-quality dumplings. 

For more information or to pre-order, head to Booktopia’s website.

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