When you think you’ve thought of everything to do at home, think again.

Have you created do-it-yourself home fireworks? Well, maybe you’re a little savvier than us, so sure, maybe you have. But have you made illuminated pickles, surely not — but if so, we’re in awe of you.

The world’s leading festival for business and creativity, Pause Fest, is teaming up with British culinary wonderkids Bompas & Parr for a one-time pyrotechnic masterclass this bonfire night – with a twist.

Internationally recognised design experts Bompas & Parr will be hosting an innovative online experience, ‘Explosions of Flavour’, on Thursday 05 November 2020 which will be live-streamed direct from their Bermondsey base in London to mark the official launch of Pause Fest 2021, which is confirmed to go ahead in March 2021.

Explosions of Flavour will give a taste of what’s to come at next year’s Melbourne’s festival, where Sam Bompas, one of Bompas & Parr’s founders, is due to speak.

Sam Bompas and Henry Parr. Photo by Nathan Pask. Image supplied

In a homage to bonfire night celebrations in the UK, Explosions of Flavour promises to be a pyrotechnic vision-quest exploring do-it-yourself fireworks at the apex of self-induced risk and spectacle. Explosions of Flavour will teach viewers:

  • How to relieve pandemic tedium and ennui with home-made pyrotechnics using things you would probably have in the back of your pantry, including gummy bears, flowers and steel wool
  • Culinary and counter-top wizardry, such as illuminated pickles (yes really!)
  • Radical optimism!

Not one for the faint-hearted, Explosions of Flavour attendees will come away from the event as arbiters of taste, impressing friends and confidants with simple but dangerous kitchen projects.

Fireworks have been the driving force behind many of the world’s crucial scientific endeavours leading to significant innovations. Dr. Simon Werrett of UCL, a historian of sciences, maintains that many of the world’s preeminent scientific establishments and discoveries were the direct result of rulers, potentates, aristocrats and government’s desire for explosives – for pleasure or war.  Furthermore, the Nobel Prize was established in 1895 by Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel, who invented dynamite. So great things can come out of powerful explosions.

Heralded by Time Out as one of 50 Londoners who make the city awesome, Bompas & Parr are internationally recognised for their multi-sensory experience design. It all started with Jelly-Architecture but has now branched out to breathable cocktail clouds, cooking with lava and a monstrous 200 courses served in a single seating.

Sam Bompas said that although COVID-19 has turned the events industry upside down, this hasn’t phased them.

“The pandemic has meant [that] we’ve had to pivot on how we deliver exceptional multi-dimensional experiences, but it hasn’t deterred or distracted us from continuing to push boundaries of innovation.

“If anything, it’s been a positive gamechanger for us, running events that directly enter people’s homes through activations with other champions of creativity and innovation, like Pause Fest.

“Explosion of Flavour will have you running to your kitchen the moment it’s finished, to play, explore and experiment with simple ingredients in your pantry to create something explosive and delicious.

“It may be a little bit dangerous, but nothing breaks through the boredom of COVID-19 restrictions like a little at-home pyrotechnics. We are ever the radical optimists!”

Pause Fest founder and CEO, George Hedon, said that Bompas & Parr were the ideal partners to help launch Pause Fest 2021.

“For 2021, Pause Fest is taking a new direction. Like many in the event industry, we’re going online. But as this livestream with Bompas & Parr will show – this isn’t going to be Pause Fest on Zoom. It’s going to be so much more! And we’ll be delighted to welcome Sam Bompas for the main event in March, where he is confirmed to speak,” Hedon said.

And to make things even better, the event is free to attend; tickets are available now. Or if you’re after a ticket to Pause Fest 2021 (Monday 01 – Friday 12 March 2021) you can buy one here.

Explosions of Flavour: Pause Fest with Bompas & Parr

When: Thursday 05 November 2020
Time: 8:00pm – 8:30pm (AEDT)
Cost: Free
For more information and tickets: Available via Humanitix

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Feature image: Anatomical Whisky by Bompas & Parr. Photographed by Nathan Pask. Image supplied.