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10 Best Australian Made Wines For Summer 2022

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Looking for something refreshing this summer? Just don’t forget the wine!

With all this newfound freedom spreading across Australia, it’s clear that soirees are back on the cards. And the one thing you cannot forget about soirees is bringing some wine. Yes, even if your host implores you not to bring anything, it’s always recommended to come prepared. Nobody likes to run out of booze!

And now, with the weather warming up, it doesn’t hurt to be a little picky with your wine choices. It’s your palate after all! Summer calls for fruitiness and a few touches of citrus, the flavours that underpin amazing summer wine.

Whether you’re a stickler for punchy white wine, a bottle of bubbly or aromatic red, we’ve got you covered with some refreshing summer wines. Below, you’ll find a specially curated list of the 10 best Australian made summer wines for 2022 – perfect to bring to your next soiree.

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<strong></strong> Sparkling Wine
Image via Sans Drinks Sparkling Wine

Want to drink but not deal with nasty hangovers? Well, the Sparkling Wine is non-alcoholic, making it a great way to curb those next-day consequences without disrupting your party lifestyle. One of the best wines for summer occasions, it tastes just like any other sparkling wine, with a citrus palate and a crisp finish. It’s also vegan friendly and holds just 26 calories per 100mL. Drink like a queen, dance like a trooper, and feel 100% sober with Sparkling Wine!

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<strong>Brown Brothers</strong> Cienna
Image via Dan Murphys.

Brown Brothers Cienna

Brown Brothers are considered the largest affordable winemakers in Australia. But while their wines are inexpensive, it doesn’t mean they’re mediocre. Take their Cienna wine for example. It’s a refreshingly light-red wine with aromas of berry fruit and touches of spice. Juicy, punchy, but far from heavy – it’s the perfect summer wine. Fun fact: Cienna is a new grape variety bred between Sumoll (a Spanish grape) with Cabernet Sauvignon. It tastes a bit like Shiraz.

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<strong>Smith and Hooper</strong> Pinot Grigio 2017
Image via Boozebud

Smith and Hooper Pinot Grigio 2017

Pinot Grigios have summer at the forefront thanks to their light and crisp body. And of all the wondrous ones we’ve tasted lately, the Smith and Hooper Pinot Grigio is delightful. On the nose, expect a fruity combination of fresh pear, nashi and wild strawberry. Across the tongue you will taste custard green apple, anise, and rich fruitiness. A delicious all-rounder for any summery occasion. Match this beauty with hard cheese and good friends.

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<strong>Robert Stein</strong> Dry Riesling
Image via Wine Collective

Robert Stein Dry Riesling

Here’s a wine you could drink now or cellar for later. It’s up to you! The Robert Stein Dry Riesling (vintage 2021) harnesses the classic taste of dry Riesling, with plenty of lime and fruit characters. As it washes across your palate, it finishes up with a crisp swish, leaving a trace of sweetness. It has big shoes to fill though, with its predecessor (Vintage 2019) claiming multiple gold medals and trophies. Match with Asian cuisine to spice up your night!

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<strong>Gibson</strong> Discovery Road Fiano
Image via Boozebud

Gibson Discovery Road Fiano

With a 90 point score from The Wine Front, Australia’s leading wine reviewer, the Gibson Discovery Road Fiano is a great summer staple. The Fiano grape originates from the warmer coastal regions of southern Italy, bringing summery flavours to the overall profile. This particular Fiano from the Barossa Valley showcases intense aromas of fresh pear skin, honey dew and baked apple, which are complemented by touches of frangipani and almond meal. One of the best wines for summer!

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<strong>Pocketwatch</strong> Pinot Noir
Image via Just Wines

Pocketwatch Pinot Noir

Produced by the five-star winery Robert Oatley Vineyards, the Pocketwatch Pinot Noir is both light on the palate and full with flavour. It was fermented with grapes grown in Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley, showcasing a beautiful red wine with touches of oak on the nose. Expect a flavour profile of red fruits like cherry and raspberry, with an underlying earthy finish. Pair with a roasted chicken or grilled salmon and you’ve got a delectable evening!

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<strong>De Bortoli</strong> Emeri Pink Moscato
Image via Just Wines

De Bortoli Emeri Pink Moscato

Now here’s a quintessential picnic drop, daringly sweet and easily matching all sorts of hors d’oeuvres. De Bortoli’s Emeri Moscato is a pale pink coloured wine, evoking scents of musk and strawberry as it rises to an refreshing finale. It is the perfect aperitif, ready to be enjoyed before the main course. If you’re a stickler for pairing your wines, the Emeri Moscato goes well with light savoury bites, like goats cheese tarts or salmon blinis.

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<strong>Campbells Rutherglen</strong> Muscat
Image via Vintage Cellars

Campbells Rutherglen Muscat

When you reach the end of a three-course meal, it’s the ideal moment to bring out a dessert wine. Especially if you’ve got a cheese board coming! And if there’s one we would highly recommend, it is the Campbells Rutherglen Muscat – a lusciously textured dessert wine with flavours of raisin, caramel and Turkish delight. It’s sure to make your dinner guests feel a little giddy and warm as you settle in for good conversations and hearty laughter. Cheese and wine? Now that’s our type of pairing!

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<strong>Hoosegg</strong> Chardonnay
Image: Supplied

Hoosegg Chardonnay

The Hoosegg ‘Everything Is Going According To Plan’ Chardonnay is a full-on drop, pumping with lemon zest, figs, peach, and a few touches of French oak. The grapes are grown in Orange, New South Wales, on the foothills of Mt Canobolas, adding complexity to such a standard grape variety. It can stand on its own or you could pair it with an equally punchy meal of grilled poultry or fish, and plenty of roasted vegetables. If you’re looking for the best Australian made wine for summer 2021, this is it!

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<strong>The Ethereal One</strong> Sangiovese
Image via BWS

The Ethereal One Sangiovese

With many Australian vineyards getting adventurous with their grape growing, it’s about time us wine enthusiasts get on board, too. Let’s start with The Ethereal One Sangiovese, grown in sunny South Australia and holding a gold award from the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show 2020. It’s a nuanced wine, bursting with strawberry and raspberry, anise, and the forest floor. Being an Italian grape, it goes best with tomato-based dishes.

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Feature image: Photographed by Zan. Image via Unsplash.
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