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Top 10 Australian Made Wines For Summer 2021

Girls drinking wine in summer. Photographed by KAL VISUALS. Image via Unsplash

Raise your glass of wine to Australia’s summer!

With summer comes late nights and lazy afternoons, which almost always includes a bottle of wine to match. Whether it’s hearty barbecues with the family or a much-needed escape from that dreaded Christmas shopping, these wines are sure to titillate your taste buds with their own unique stories to tell.

Wine glasses at the ready! Let’s celebrate summer in style with our guide to the 10 best Australian made wines for summer 2021.

<strong>Devil's Corner</strong> Pinot Noir Rosé
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Devil's Corner Pinot Noir Rosé

Devil’s Corner is notable for its staple Pinot Noir, but, in 2020 they’ve decided to shake things up by releasing a new Pinot Noir Rosé ($24). Blended and bottled in the cool climates of Tasmania, this drop glows with a ruby blush colour featuring hints of watermelon and subtle spice. It’s a Pinot Noir Rosé that is fruit-driven, delicate and dry. Matched with a dozen prawns and you’ll have the best summer afternoon!

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<strong>Pig In The House</strong> Shiraz
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Pig In The House Shiraz

On those wet summer evenings, with brewing storms in the distance, tipple your way through this punchy shiraz. The Pig In The House Shiraz ($25) from Canowindra is medium-bodied, teeming with berries and other dark fruits. It’s also a multi-award winner, winning gold medals for every vintage since 2016. And, just this year, it has won gold at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show. We recommend matching with good old Italian fare like this Salmon and Pesto Spaghetti recipe.

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<strong>Castle Rock Estate</strong> Riesling
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Castle Rock Estate Riesling

A fabulous dinner party needs a perky wine, and Castle Rock Estate Riesling ($25) is a top bet. It is a citrusy blend, bursting with tangy lime on the nose and the palate. On the nose, expect flora aromas like lavender and orange blossom, while the palate is swimming with juicy succulent characters. Hailing from Porongurup in Western Australia, the Castle Rock Estate Riesling is the perfect aperitif but also mixes well with the tastes of Asian-fusion.

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<strong>Hardy's</strong> Eileen Hardy Chardonnay
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Hardy's Eileen Hardy Chardonnay

Spoil yourself and those around you with one of Australia’s most loved chardonnays, the Eileen Hardy Chardonnay ($80). This wine preserves the essential characteristics of the fruit in the vineyard to create the highest quality blend from Tasmania and Yarra Valley sub-regions. It also makes the ultimate gift for that special someone who enjoys the finer things in life. Enjoy with friends over a platter of fine cheese and crackers.

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<strong>Grant Burge</strong> Pinot Noir Chardonnay Rosé
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Grant Burge Pinot Noir Chardonnay Rosé

Grant Burge was made popular by their Pinot Noir Chardonnay, and this year they’ve added a touch of rosé to their mix. As expected, it is a beautiful blend, perfect for all kinds of special occasions – whether Christmas, New Years or when you’ve successfully survived Black Friday shopping. The Grant Burge Pinot Noir Chardonnay Rosé ($30) is rich, refined and complex, and pairs beautifully with a strawberry pavlova or this Basil and Goats Cheese Focaccia Bread.

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<strong>House of Arras</strong> Blanc de Blancs NV
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House of Arras Blanc de Blancs NV

As the latest release from leading Australian sparkling wine brand House of Arras, the Blanc de Blancs NV ($35) is another perfect celebratory wine. Crafted from premium chardonnay fruit grown throughout the cold climate region of Tasmania, this is an exquisite premium Cuvee. Expect plenty of citrusy elements, including peach and hints of cashew and natural yoghurt. The quintessential drop to mark the end of 2020!

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<strong>Carillion</strong> Cabernet Sauvignon
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Carillion Cabernet Sauvignon

When the cool winds come, marking the end of a brutishly summer day, nothing balances your soul quite like the Carillion Cabernet Sauvignon ($50). It’s a fruity concoction, showcasing ripe berries and a delicate aroma, with a seriously delectable attitude. We recommend enjoying this on its own, to mull through all the characteristics. But, if you must mix, try a juicy steak with roasted veggies.

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<strong>Cupio</strong> Pinot Noir Rosé
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Cupio Pinot Noir Rosé

Dry yourself off after a beachside swim with a glass or two of the Cupio Pinot Noir Rosé ($20). It’s overflowing with floral and fruity notes, from raspberries to strawberries, redcurrants and stone fruits, ending with a crisp, cool finish. No need to mix with anything, perhaps just a quaint charcuterie board, but if you want to bring out the flavours, try with salmon, tuna or this Peking Duck Omelette recipe.

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<strong>Innocent Bystander</strong> Prosecco
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Innocent Bystander Prosecco

Summer and prosecco go hand-in-hand, they are the perfect boozy refreshment for a toasty afternoon. And the NV Innocent Bystander Prosecco ($25) is leading the pack this year for the best in Australian prosecco. Made in King Valley Victoria, the Innocent Bystander Prosecco is perfect as an aperitif or mixed with soft cheese and crackers. 

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<strong>State Of Light</strong> Pinot Gris
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State Of Light Pinot Gris

Yes, it is from New Zealand, but we’re throwing it in regardless because they deserve some loving too. The State of Light Pinot Gris ($23) from Hawkes Bay is the perfect low alcohol white wine for those who are health conscious but still want to enjoy a glass or two. At 7% alcohol, this easy-going Pinot Gris is a refreshing alternative to a standard wine that doesn’t compromise on taste and ideal for those who strive for a balanced lifestyle or looking to limit alcohol consumption during the festive period.

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Hawkes Bay, NZ

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