Saluti! Cannoleria and Moon Dog partner up to create an Italian dessert infused craft beer for 2022.

Beer lovers rejoice as the newest, tastiest and greatest craft beer has just hit the shelves. And, it’s thanks to a partnership between two Melbourne-based businesses.

If Moon Dog’s Hazy IPA and Black Lung XII Rye Barrel Aged Smokey Stout has you howling, your tails will soon be wagging as you discover the newest creative release of 2022.

In partnership with Cannoleria, an Italian patisserie that specialises in the traditional Sicilian dessert, the holy cannoli; Moon Dog and Cannoleria have joined forces to create the Almighty Cannolo.

Released in early September, the cannoli flavoured sour ale beer is an exciting and much-anticipated addition to Moon Dog’s range. The Almighty Cannolo pays homage to Cannoleria’s Sicilian-style, ricotta-stuffed fried tube shaped pastry dough.

Almighty Cannolo by Moon Dog and Cannoleria. Image supplied

Almighty Cannolo by Moon Dog and Cannoleria. Image supplied

Taking inspiration from Cannoleria’s sacred cannoli recipe, the Almighty Cannolo was brewed with 1,500kg of whey from That’s Amore! ricotta. Of course the fun doesn’t stop there. This new sour ale craft beer features a balance of biscuit and malt for its base. With an overall creamy, ricotta-like mouthfeel, beer lovers will experience moreish tart finish after every sip.

To add to the hype, only 300 cases of the 440mL cannoli craft beer by Moon Dog have been made. With an ABV of 7.5%, this mighty ale is sure to hit the spot for your next dessert beer craving.

Moon Dog’s Director of Brewery Operations, Kevin te Wierik expressed the love for Cannoleria and That’s Amore Cheese. “We weren’t going to miss this opportunity to collaborate. Using the whey from their lovely ricotta, we were able to brew a faithful homage to their world class cannoli that’s unlike any other beer we’ve released.”

If you love cannoli and beer, you can buy the new Moon Dog Almighty Cannolo beer online via the Moon Dog website. Better yet, if you live in Victoria, why not pair the brew with Cannoleria’s freshly filled cannoli delivered straight to your door.

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