The Super Schooner – humankind’s way of eradicating the embarrassing (and frankly, un-Australian) beer tray. 

Never have hands shaken, knuckles’ whitened and concentration peaked as when you’re carrying four glasses of beer from the bar en route to your thirsty mates. When all eyes are on you, you want to make sure your mates are looking at you fondly as the one who shouted a round, and not the one who wore the beer instead.

But all that stress and pressure will disappear thanks to the creation of The Super Schooner. A highly sophisticated technological glass system that allows you to carry that elusive fourth glass with ease. It’s four segments of beer-filled glass that effortlessly sit together.

Brought to you by the teams at Merivale, Lion and Ogilvy, this mega, puzzle-like glass will change your life starting this State of Origin Wednesday night (18 November 2020) at Marrickville’s Vic on The Park. Now that’s perfect timing.

Filled to the brim with an ice-cold Furphy or Byron Bay Ale, The Super Schooner will then continue to be on the menu for $28. Does reputation even have a price? Nope.

Vic On The Park
2 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
(02) 9114 7348

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