You might want to make space in your yard while you’re at it…

You think you’ve heard of everything, and then someone invents a Golden Gaytime beer. That’ right, if you didn’t know already, some of Australia’s favourite flavours including the iconic Golden Gaytime, salt and vinegar chips, salted caramel popcorn and even a strawberries and cream flavoured milkshake have all been reimagined into a tippled range of craft beers.

In celebration of Australia’s favourite beer-praising event, GABS Craft Beer & Cider Festival, Dan Murphy’s has teamed up with Australia and New Zealand’s leading breweries to create an exclusive, limited-edition six pack containing just some of the newest, most creative, nostalgic and most delicious drops to Aussie beer lovers.

With GABS’ Australian festivals postponed until later this year, the team have instead collaborated with some of Australia’s renowned brewers – Your Mates Brewing Co (QLD), Bright Brewery (VIC), Modus Operandi (NSW), One Drop Brewing Co (NSW) and Big Shed Brewing Concern (SA) – to collate and release a GABS 2020 Festival Beer Mixed Six Pack exclusively available via Dan Murphy’s come Friday 31 July 2020.

Putting aside the fun of spending a day beer sampling, the six pack of beers really is an event in itself featuring a salt and vinegar sour, a salted caramel popcorn ale, a hazy XPA, a strawberries and cream milkshake IPA and two Golden Gaytime-inspired beers from the South Australian hailing brewery.

Although the team have had to postpone events for later this year, GABS Festival event director Craig Williams says that they would be just as pleased to have Australian beer lovers enjoy some of the finest craft beers in the comfort of their own home.

“When you come to GABS, a big part of the fun is sampling all of these quite incredible and delicious concoctions dreamed up by brewers all around the country. In this pack alone, you’ve got beers inspired by ice creams, desserts, popcorn and even a packet of chips! It just goes to show how creative the world of beer can be. We even had one beer originally planned for the pack that didn’t quite make the deadline, hence the additional Mega Golden Stout Time from Big Shed. It’s beer, anything can happen!” he says.

And if you thought that the party stopped there, craft beer lovers are also invited to join Craig and all of the GABS 2020 Festival Beer Mixed Six Pack brewers for a live virtual Zoom tasting as well as a  GABS trivia on Thursday 13 August! For more information head to the GABS Festival website.

The GABS 2020 Festival Beer Mixed Six Pack is available from all Dan Murphy’s stores nationwide or online from Friday 31 July for $34.99. Plus, included in each pack is a special winter treat with a $10 discount voucher on the official GABS Craft Beer beanie. 

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