Forget 99 bottles of beer on the wall – Craft Cartel is back better than ever with one of Australia’s biggest cases of beer this Christmas 2020.

They say the bigger the better and now, thanks to Craft Cartel Liquor, we definitely know what ‘bigger’ means.

Unveiling their largest drop yet (quite literally), celebrate your summer and festive season in style thanks to Craft Cartel’s newest 100 Can Case. Yes. 100 cans of beer.

Weighing a hefty 40-kilograms and over one metre in length, you’ll need four hands to carry this monstrous case of beer. Designed for Aussies who live by the saying ‘go big or go home’, Craft Cartel’s 100 Can Case embodies just that – and you can drink it at home. That’s what we call a win-win.

Following the wildly popular Pabst Blue Ribbon 99 Can Carton they stocked earlier this year, the Craft  Cartel 100 Can Case allows Aussies to one-up the previous release with an all-Australian brewed collection. 

Supporting 25 independently owned Australian craft breweries across the country (most of which have been impacted by COVID-19),  you can down a cold one knowing that you’re doing good for more than just your tastebuds.

With beer makers including Hawkers, Young Henrys, Moon Dog, Two Birds, Sauce Brewing taking centre stage, Craft Cartel believes that you’ll be counting your losses instead of how many beers you’ve got left if you miss out on this one. Passionate about supporting Australia’s local craft beer community, Craft Cartel Liquor is proud to announce the inclusion of Victorian breweries who have been hit the hardest by the extended lockdowns.

And, if you’re the type of Australian craft beer drinker who loves to sip on a range of styles, the Craft Cartel 100 Can Case features a wide variety of pale ales, NEIPAs, brown ales, IPAs and more. No fillers hopping around in this box, just great Aussie craft!  

As for the case itself, Craft Cartel’s 100 Can Case will be delivered in a limited-edition, custom-made timber box – perfect to keep well after you’re finished.

If you thought it stopped there, well you’re in for a treat. Much like a gift that keeps on giving, to say an additional thank you for all of Australia’s ongoing support, each 100 Can Case will also come with 10 $20.00 vouchers to spend on the Craft Cartel website, allowing punters to extend their love of beer with their mates over the festive season. All in all, setting you back a mere $499. Totally worth it.

Of course, if you’d rather keep your gifting or beer-loving aspirations to a smaller scale, Craft Cartel is also renowned for its six and 12-month beer subscriptions which double as popular gifting options for yourself or your special someone. Featuring an expansive range of seasonal releases, limited-edition Australian craft beers and over 700 curated beers online, Craft Cartel surely have it all this Christmas 2020.

Delivering free to metro Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the 100 Can Case by Craft Cartel is an exclusive and limited-edition release only. Pre-registration for the case opens on Monday 23 November before going on sale. For more information and to purchase, head to Craft Cartel’s website now.

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