Far from a cult, despite its name, Naked for Satan is one of the most unique dining experiences in Melbourne. This sensational bar is Fitzroy’s answer for a youthful crowd pining for a feisty vodka-pouring, pintxos-serving rooftop oasis.

While the ever-cool Fitzroy has plenty of fantastic bars and restaurants, Naked for Satan is not your typical watering hole: stepping inside feels like entering a realm where whimsy and libations collide. This Basque-inspired bar is adorned with eclectic collection of artwork and curiosities, mismatched furniture, and an unmistakable sense of cheeky charm, all bathed in a warm, amber glow that invites you to shed your inhibitions and revel in the eccentricity.

Yet the lavish interiors are not the only reason to visit, but also the devilish collection of infused vodkas, beers and, of course, Australian wines. So whether you’re after a sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, or even a rich tempranillo, there is plenty to whet your whistle at Naked for Satan. For those after something a little sweeter, there is also a selection of classic cocktails including Long Island Iced Tea or a Cuban Punch.

Accompanying a stand-out drinks menu is a delicious selection of juicy meals to pair with your visit. Their $15 pizza selection provides plenty of gooey options to chow into, as well a handful of small sides to nibble on between titillating sips.


Naked For Satan, Fitzroy, Melbourne. Image via Visit Victoria

Naked For Satan, Fitzroy, Melbourne. Image via Visit Victoria

And while the vibrant interiors and tasty treats are delightful, Naked for Satan also offers a chance to get some rays in with their breathtaking rooftop terrace. Boasting stunning panoramic views of the Melbourne city skyline, Naked for Satan is the perfect spot for a drink and a nibble for groups looking to dine out in Melbourne with some friends.

So, whether you’re there for the inventive cocktails, the buzzing energy, or the sheer delight of saying you’ve been to a place called Naked for Satan, this joint is a testament to Melbourne’s eccentric spirit. Cheers to embracing the bold and barmy!

Naked For Satan
285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC 3065
(03) 9416 2238

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Feature image: Naked In The Sky, Fitzroy, Melbourne. Image via Visit Victoria