22 handpicked botanicals, two great cocktail recipes, one excellent gin.

From the shores of Islay, Scotland comes one of the most delicately crafted and distinct gins in the Australian market today. The Botanist is a crisp, invigorating gin created in an island distillery in Bruichladdich – a seaside town on an island characterised by its windswept shores and abundance of floral diversity. The gin itself constitutes nine gin varietals, infused with 22 wild floral and botanical flavours, each handpicked around the island, each impacted by the wild and salty environment of its growth, and each selected for the specific purpose of adding their own distinct profile to the gin. The result? A refreshing complexity that turns any cocktail – even a basic gin and tonic – into a high-class affair.

So, having tasted the delicacy here at Hunter and Bligh, we felt it’d be in the public interest to let our readers know some of the best ways to consume this phenomenal spirit. To match The Botanist’s vibe and approach to consumption, these recipes are designed around fresh produce – the more you can pick in the wild (with permission of course) the better!


Botanist and the Bees


60mL The Botanist gin
10mL extra dry vermouth
12.5mL lemon myrtle infused honey water
2 dash grapefruit bitters


1. Add all ingredients to mixing glass

2. Fill with ice and stir

3. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass

4. Garnish with a spray of grapefruit oil

(To make the Lemon Myrtle Infused Honey Water)

1. Brew 200mL of lemon myrtle tea and combine with 200mL honey

2. Stir until honey dissolves

3. Bottle and refrigerate

Islay Sunset


50mL The Botanist gin
20mL lemon juice
15mL bitter orange syrup
Egg white


1. Add all ingredients to a shaker

2. Shake without ice

3. Add ice

4. Shake and fine strain into a champagne flute

5. Garnish with lime coconut spray

(To make the Bitter Orange Syrup)

1. Add one cup of white sugar, 3/4 cup water, 1/4 cup orange bitters to saucepan

2. Heat until sugar dissolves

3. Bottle and refrigerate

Find out more information and discover new cocktail recipes on The Botanist Website.