H&B Winners

We like to thank our members for their loyalty and participation in our research, so we run multiple gift card prizes each and every week varying from $25 to $50. That’s 52 chances you could win with us, all while earning extra entries into our quarterly travel prize draw. This list will also showcase all our social media giveaways, and other fun competitions we run throughout the year, PLUS our major travel winners. Best of luck!

So let’s kick off the 2021 Prize Pool
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Prize Period |   11 January – 17 January 2021
Congratulations to:
J.Nimmo NSW, J.Auditore VIC, T.Budd WA and D.Baker WA

Prize Period |   04 January – 10 January 2021
Congratulations to:
H.Bhattarai VIC, D.Widjaja VIC, M.Hawkins NSW and S.Stage NSW

Prize Period |   October 2020 – 03 January 2021
Congratulations to major winners
: B.McQueen SA, C.Holyoake WA, K.Mitchell QLD, B.Brook NT, H.McIntosh ACT, A.Suryadinata NSW, K.Headley TAS and V.Adolphe VIC
Congratulations to minor winners: L.Talbot-Smith SA, L.O’Farrell WA, A.Knoblanche QLD, S.Wong NT, B.McKeown ACT, K.Chapman NSW, R.Rybak TAS and A.Sedlins VIC

Prize Period |   28 December 2020 – 03 January 2021
Congratulations to:
M.Cordell NSW, P.Bowen NSW, R.Whitfield NT, C.Perrotta, A.Freier QLD, S.Devine VIC, M. Urdanoff SA, T.Martin NSW, D.Anderson QLD and B.Higgins QLD