1. Survey respondents may enter once in each online survey provided by CoreData Pty Ltd, Hunter & Bligh Media Pty Ltd or Brand Management Pty Ltd
  2. People may also enter the competition via free subscription from competition websites, facebook, direct website sign up, or other online sources that include hunterandbligh.com.au.
  3. The promoters are CoreData Ltd ABN 46 111 644 243, Hunter & Bligh Media Pty Ltd ACN 617 918 733 and Brand Management Pty Ltd ABN 46 111 644 243,
  4. Competition commences 12:01am 01 February 2018 and closes 11.59pm 30 of April 2018.
  5. Respondents must be over 18 years and a residing permanently in Australia.
  6. There is one major prize to the total value of up to $4,000.
  7. The prize will be a $4,000.00 Flight centre voucher for a trip for two to Tasmania. The voucher may be spent on flights, accommodation, tours and activities available for booking through Flight Centre. The winner must book the holiday through the travel agent as appointed by CoreData PtyLtd.
  8. If the chosen holiday exceeds the $4000 spend, the cost is at the expense of the winner.
  9. All Flight Centre, airline choice, activities and hotel terms and conditions apply.
  10. The winner must still be a subscribed Hunter and Bligh member at the time of the prize draw
  11. The winner must be able to travel within a year of the draw date
  12. Prize cannot be converted for cash, sold or auctioned
  13. The winner will be drawn at 10a.m on 02 May 2018 at CoreData Pty Ltd, Suite 7, Level 9, 66 Hunter Street, Sydney 2000 and will be randomly selected via computer.
  14. The winner will be notified by email on 03 May 2018 and will be displayed on the Hunter and Bligh website, social media channels and via email.
  15. If the prize is unclaimed by 5pm 11 May 2018, the winner will be redrawn at CoreData Pty Ltd, Suite 7, Level 9, 66 Hunter Street, Sydney 2000 at 12:00pm on 14 May 2018 and will be randomly selected via computer.
  16. The winner of the redraw will be notified by email on 14 May 2018 and displayed on the Hunter and Bligh website.
  17. Subject to any written directions given under Reg 37 of the Lottery and Gaming Regulations 1993 (SA). Authorized under NSW Permit No LTPS/18/21027 and ACT Permit No ACT TP 18/00022

The Flights:

  1. If the winner is from Hobart the flight portion of this trip will be deemed as null and void.
  2. Flights will only be To and From Hobart Airport.
  3. The travel plans will be booked from departure and arrival at one of the following capital cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Hobart or Adelaide. Travel to and from the winner’s capital city airport do not form part of the prize are the responsibility of the winner.
  4. Dates are subject to flight seat availability at the time of booking.
  5. Flights will be arranged by Flight Centre. The winner will be given a 12 month range to choose when they travel.
  6. It is advised to not travel during peak season, however is at the discretion of the winner.
  7. Flights have no cash value and cannot be refunded, sold or auctioned.
  8. Unless expressly stated in these Terms & Conditions, all other expenses become the responsibility of the winner. The winner (and their travel companion) are responsible for expenses incurred, including spending money, insurance, flight meals, all transfers (unless otherwise stated) including travel to and from departure point to airport, travel insurance, some taxes, gratuities, and all other ancillary costs.
  9. Flight schedules are subject to change without notice.
  10. The winner and their travel companion may accumulate reward program points on these flights.
  11. Passengers who do not notify their airline of choice at least 24 hours prior to departure or do not present themselves at the airport for their flight will forfeit the prize tickets.
  12. Cancellation and/or changes to the flight details once booked will incur the applicable fee(s). The fee(s) applies on a per-guest, per-change basis. This fee is payable by the winner.
  13. The prize will be sent to the winner’s nominated email address.
  14. Travel insurance is not included in the ticket prize and is left up to the winner.
  15. Selected airline standard terms and conditions apply.
  16. Once the winner has been drawn and they have accepted their prize voucher CoreData Pty Ltd and Hunter & Bligh Media Pty Ltd hold no responsibility or liability. The winner will hold full responsibility for all travel, bookings and decisions (abiding to all outlined terms and conditions).
  17. If these terms and conditions are not adhered to the prize voucher may be revoked by Brand Management Pty Ltd and Hunter and Bligh Media Pty Ltd and a new winner will be allocated.


  1. The winner (and their companion) will be provided two nights’ accommodation at The Macq01 in Hobart, Tasmania. However, this is subject to availability and may be affected by the time of travel. Therefore another hotel may be booked.
  2. The accommodation portion of the prize only covers two nights’ accommodation. No room service, mini bar or other service fees will be paid for. This will be left up to the winner.
  3. A credit card payment will be required as a guarantee at the time of check in and make take up to 21 days to be cleared.
  4. All of Macq01’s terms and conditions apply.
  5. If staying at another hotel, all of their terms and conditions apply.
  6. A king room will be booked, if you require a twin room we will endeavour to change the booking to two separate beds, however this is subject to bedding availability

Dining Voucher:

  1. The winner will receive one $400.00 Dining voucher for a restaurant nominated by the brand promoters.
  2. The winner is solely responsible for the spending and safety of their dining gift card.
  3. Misplaced, lost or stolen gift cards will not be replaced.
  4. Gift cards may not be auctioned, sold or converted into cash in anyway.


There will be a number of experiences on offer and available to purchase through our Flight Centre Representative. Preferred experiences are listed below and are highly recommended, however the winner may chose different experiences on offer. If they exceed the total prize pool the excess is at the expense of the winner. These experiences are subject to time and availability.

Posh as Mona Experience

  1. 1. The posh as Mona experience is valued at $400 per person
  2. 2. The experience includes Ferry transfers, museum entry, the Ambassador’s experience, private Moorilla winery tour and tasting, three course lunch in the Source Restaurant with matched wines.
  3. 3. All MONA terms and conditions apply: All tickets are non-refundable;
    1. valid only for the specific event, entry, tour, or transport for which they have been issued; and
    2. valid only for the specific date and time stated on the ticket.
  4. 3.2. If your ticket is validated by another person for whatever reason, no further entries will be permitted in respect of that ticket.
  5. 3.3. If you attempt to duplicate or re-use your ticket (or ticket equivalents including pass out stamps and wristbands) for the purpose of enabling another person to enter the venue or transport vehicle to which your ticket relates, we will cancel your ticket and you will not be admitted nor entitled to any refund or reimbursement. For the avoidance of doubt, any ticket that has been duplicated without our written consent is invalid.
  6. 3.4. In some circumstances, age restrictions may apply. You must be at least 18 years of age if you wish to:
    1. purchase alcohol from us;
    2. attend events or venues that require you to be at least 18 years of age; or
    3. enter into any competitions organised by us.
  7. 3.5. We may require that you present valid identification evidencing that:
    1. you are at least 18 years of age; or
    2. you are entitled to a concessional or discounted ticket.
  8. 3.6. If you cannot produce valid identification following our reasonable request, we reserve the right to deny you entry to, or require you to immediately leave our premises or refuse you service, as the context requires.
  9. 3.7. Unless we permit you to do so, you must not:
    1. offer your ticket for resale (whether for a premium or otherwise) to any person by any means (excluding any resale of your ticket authorised by us); or
    2. use your ticket for any commercial purpose, including advertising, marketing and promotional purposes.
  10. 3.8. If you are found to have dealt with your ticket in one of the manners described in clause 4.7 we reserve the right to:
    1. cancel your ticket without providing you with any refund; and
    2. deny you entry into the venue or transport vehicle as may be applicable from time to time.
    3. These passes may not be exchanged, sold or auctioned.

Drink Tasmania Premium Whiskey or Wine Tour

  1. Drink Tasmania Premium Tours does not condone excessive or binge drinking. We promote responsible drinking of alcohol at all times. Our tours have been designed and paced to ensure guests enjoy sampling various types of products, but are not at risk of excessive consumption.
  2. Guests must at all times abide by state and federal laws regarding lawful drinking practices including, but not limited to, Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) laws, the consumption of alcohol in public places, in vehicles and consumption of ‘bring your own’ (BYO) alcohol.
  3. Service of alcohol may be refused to persons deemed intoxicated. All guests and all tours are subject to RSA laws at each of the venues/sites we visit and the tour leader will communicate and enforce all decisions made by all venue/site staff, including but not limited to restricting the service of alcohol.
  4. Excessive consumption of alcohol prior to our tours beginning is strictly forbidden. Any guests found to be intoxicated prior to the start of the tour will be refused admission and will not be allowed in the tour vehicle. Refusal of admission will be at the Tour Guide’s sole discretion. If he/she believes any guest/s pose an inherent risk to the safe conduct of a tour, they will be refused admission and no refunds will be provided.
  5. Drink Tasmania Premium Tours visits licenced premises where alcohol is served. It is your responsibility to carry a valid passport, drivers licence, proof of age card, or other suitable form of identification for the duration of the tour.
  6. Any guest who consumes, or is suspected of consuming, alcohol in a non-licensed area can be removed from the tour. They will not be entitled to any refund. Non-licensed areas may include, but are not limited to: tour buses and vehicles; non-licensed areas of venues or consuming BYO drinks on visiting properties; or any public areas such as restrooms, parks or service stations where the vehicle may stop.
  7. Any alcohol purchased on the tour is to remain in the vehicle and must strictly not be consumed in the vehicle.
  8. You are responsible for your own behaviour. Uncontrollable and disruptive drunken behaviour will not be tolerated.
  9. Any person deemed unruly or disruptive can be removed from the tour and will not be entitled to any refund.
  10. Any legal action (including fines) taken against a person on the tour, or against Drink Tasmania Premium Tours because of the actions of a guest, will be the sole responsibility of that person or persons.
  11. Drink Tasmania Premium Tours strongly recommends that you do not drive after one of our tours. We unfortunately cannot accept any responsibility for your ability to get home once our tours terminate.
  12. Guests are responsible for any damage they cause during the tour to property of Drink Tasmania Premium Tours or any businesses we visit.
  13. A minimum fee of $200 will apply to any damage or spillage on our bus. We reserve the right to charge your credit card without authorisation from you to cover the costs for any damage incurred by you or by guests you booked.
  14. Smoking is not permitted in our tour vehicles or inside venues unless it is in a designated smoking area.
  15. We are not responsible for the conduct of third party operators, venues or suppliers.
  16. At all times the decision of the Drink Tasmania Premium Tours tour guide or representative will be final on all matters likely to affect the safety and well-being of the tour.
  17. This includes any decision that the tour leader makes about the on-going participation of a guest on the tour or certain activities that comprise part of the tour.
  18. This includes any person, in the opinion of the tour leader, who is affected by alcohol or other drugs (whether prescribed by a medical practitioner or otherwise).
  19. If a guest fails to comply with a decision made by the tour guide, or interferes with the well-being of the group, then the tour guide reserves the right to terminate this contract and order the guest to leave the tour immediately, with no right of refund.
  20. The matter may be also reported to the Tasmanian Police if deemed necessary by the tour guide or representative. Drink Tasmania Premium Tours are not responsible for any costs incurred once a guest is removed from a tour.
  21. Drink Tasmania operates tours in working distilleries, breweries, wineries and cideries and other associated venues. Due to occupational health and safety requirements we strongly recommend wearing closed shoes on all our tours. At some locations you may be required to wear high-visual vests where machinery is operational. Inappropriate footwear and clothing may result in you not being allowed on the processing floor.
  22. By booking with us you acknowledge that participation in all our tours involves inherent risks that may not be present in other tours. These risks include, without limitation, the possibility of injury or death, psychological trauma, loss or damage to property, inconvenience and discomfort.
  23. These passes may not be able sold, auctioned or exchanged.

    Membership Requirements 

1. You must be a valid member of Hunter and Bligh at the time of the prize draw. Only subscribed members will be valid in the entry draw.

2. To sign up for the prize you must supply a valid email address, name and date of birth to validate that you are over 18 years of age to win the prize. All other profile questions are not mandatory however are asked and recorded so that Hunter and Bligh gain a clearer insight into our audience and the view of the Australian population. These insights are used to shape future content, prize draws and rewards

3. By subscribing to Hunter and Bligh you are consenting to join our monthly newsletter and email communications with opportunities to gain extra entries into our prize draw and win up to $500 worth of gift cards. You may unsubscribe at any time, however once unsubscribed you will forfeit your chance to win the prize draw.

4. All existing Hunter and Bligh members are automatically entered into each quarterly prize draw.

5. We have a strict data and privacy policy which can be found here
Your private information will not be on sold or used, especially for telemarketing purposes.