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Top 10 Bakeries in Perth of 2022

Pastries in a bakery window. Photography by ampersandphoto. Image via Shutterstock.

From artisan bakeries to the best sourdough. You just knead to try the best bakeries in Perth!

Few things are as exciting as walking into a bakery first thing in the morning. Fresh loaves of bread, creamy treats and piping hot snacks line the shelves, with a rich whiff of flour in the air. Across Perth, there are plenty of artisan, specialty, and chain bakeries on almost any busy street. So which ones should you make your daily routine? We’ve narrowed it down to a handful of the very best that the city has to offer.

Whether you’re looking for the best sourdough, scrumptious gluten-free loaves, or a tasty French éclair, we have you covered with the top 10 best bakeries in Perth of 2022!

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Promising to use the finest and freshest ingredients, family-owned flour mill and bakery, Miller+Baker, offers fresh baked goods every day. Right in the heart of Perth’s CBD, come past for fresh loaves of sourdough, ciabatta, and rye to name just a few. If you want to skip the queue, Miller+Baker’s website gives you the chance to order their bread online, delivered straight to your door. Want to go a step further? Miller+Baker also offers their very own flour range, giving you the chance to try your hand at baking your own artisanal bread. Enjoy some of the best fresh bread in Perth at Miller+Baker.

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6b/236 Lake St, Perth, WA 6000
<strong>Chu Bakery</strong>
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Chu Bakery

A French-inspired bakery right across from Hyde Park, Chu Bakery is a reminder of how good a local bakery can be. With a bright and clean interior, this cosy bakery has something for everyone. Fresh baguette sandwiches and scrumptious coffee should be enough to get through whatever the day throws your way. For those with a deep sweet tooth, Chu Bakery’s delicacies such as their best-selling brioche doughnuts and rich chocolate eclairs are true delights. Make a daily routine out of visiting one of the best bakeries in Perth!

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498 William St, Highgate, WA 6003
<strong>Wild Bakery</strong>
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Wild Bakery

In a corner shop in the sleepy suburbs of South Fremantle sits Wild Bakery, a passion project that shows the power of a good loaf of bread. Using traditional techniques honed over decades in the food business, Wild Bakery specialises in naturally fermented sourdough breads, giving gluten-intolerant customers the same delicious taste. Whether you’re after their crunchy Cranberry & Walnut Bread or their flavourful macarons, there’s always a great bite to be had at Wild Bakery. So make your way down today to one of the best bakeries in Fremantle!

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346 South Terrace, South Fremantle, WA 6162
<strong>Dolcetto Patisserie</strong>
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Dolcetto Patisserie

An Italian bakery that would make your nonna envious, Dolcetto Patisserie is the perfect place to get your fill of cannoli and tiramisu. With over 30 years of experience, Dolcetto Patisserie is now baked into the local community with their selection of delicious cookies, eclairs and, of course, cakes. As one of the best cake shops in Perth, order one of their famous tortas and cakes for a birthday, wedding, or any other celebration. Try a slice of Italy at Perth’s Dolcetto Patisserie.

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3/400 Fitzgerald St, North Perth, WA 6006
<strong>Mary Street Bakery</strong>
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Mary Street Bakery

There’s nothing better than a local bakery, making fresh bread every day, right around the corner. Mary Street Bakery, with several locations across Greater Perth, aims to be that high-quality local bakery giving you the delicious bread we crave. Beyond fresh crunchy loaves to fill your pantry, Mary Street Bakery offers a great range of sweets and savoury treats for any taste, which can all be ordered online right from your home. And for those looking for a great brunch place in Perth, Mary Street Bakery’s all-day breakfast menu is a great way to treat you and your friends. Now that’s what we call a top bakery experience!

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<strong>Grain Bakery</strong>
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Grain Bakery

A short walk from Victoria Park Station sits a bastion of independent bakeries in Perth. Grain Bakery in Lathlain provides with fresh baked good straight from the oven almost every day of the week. While the bakery only opened last year, the artisan bakers are giving life to family recipes dating back decades. Sausage rolls, doughnuts and delicious sandwiches line the shelves of this charming bakery. The crown jewel, however, is their sourdough, giving the local community something delicious to munch their way through. So if you’re looking for the best sourdough in Perth or an artisan bakery, Perth’s Grain Bakery should be your go to.

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19 Lathlain Pl, Lathlain, WA 6100
<strong>Strange Grains Gluten Free Bakery</strong>
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Strange Grains Gluten Free Bakery

While gluten free bread doesn’t have the best reputation, Strange Grains Bakery is here to fix that. Just around the corner from Shenton Park, this artisanal bakery offers some of the best gluten free bread in Perth. Making wheat free and vegan bread almost every day means there’s plenty of opportunity to try out a range of crunchy, wholesome bread, regardless of your dietary requirements. Beyond bread, there’s a delicious selection of gluten free cookies, brownies and muffins with the same hearty taste. So for those wanting some delicious gluten free bread, look no further than Strange Grains.

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197 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park, WA 6008
<strong>Knead Bread & Coffee</strong>
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Knead Bread & Coffee

One of the best bakeries in Scarborough, Knead Bread & Coffee is a hidden gem that shows how great bread can come in any shape and size. Despite measuring only 49cm² in size, it doesn’t mean that this family owned and operated micro bakery and espresso bar isn’t crammed with fresh breads and pastries on the daily. Rye, donuts, croissants, and sourdough shows how Knead Bread & Coffee is a tiny slice of heaven for bread lovers. And with a welcoming and inclusive community, Knead Bread & Coffee is a daily need!

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1A Luna Maxi Mart, 241 West Coast Highway Scarborough, WA 6019
<strong>Bread in Common</strong>
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Bread in Common

Wood-fire oven, preservative-free, all with the very best local ingredients. Bread in Common has built a reputation for some of the highest quality bread in Perth. Opening in 2013 after converting a pharmaceutical warehouse, Bread in Common has baked a new kind of establishment, blending boutique bakery and rustic restaurant into a great visit for all your gluten needs. Whether you’re looking to fill your pantry with high-quality baked goods, or break bread with friends and family, Baked in Common is open everyday to keep you satisfied. One of the best bakeries in Fremantle!

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43 Pakenham St, Fremantle, WA 6160
<strong>Harvest Boulangerie Patisserie</strong>
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Harvest Boulangerie Patisserie

French bakeries are renowned for their sensational pastries and artisan breadmaking. While France may be a long way out for many in Perth, there’s one bakery that gives you a bite of France, right in your backyards. Harvest Boulangerie Patisserie in Scarborough has built a reputation as a hidden gem, and one of the best French bakeries in Perth. Open everyday but Monday, creamy eclairs, fluffy croissants and crunchy baguettes are just a few of the delicacies to treat yourself with. This quaint slice of Paris feels more like a cosy community of big smiles and big pastries!

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117b Brighton Rd Scarborough, WA 6019

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Feature image: Photographed by ampersandphoto. Image via Shutterstock.