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10 Essentials You Need For Your Next Spring Picnic

Picnic With White Wine. Sourced Via Shutterstock, Photographed by Soloviova Liudmyla.

Lay out the picnic blanket and fill up your picnic basket – these are the 10 essentials you need for your next spring picnic!

Spring is in full swing and what better time for a picnic?

We absolutely adore getting outdoors and heading to our favourite park while we snack on cheeses, dips, and indulge in the occasional mid-afternoon rosé or craft beer – all whilst supporting local artisan Australian businesses. But what makes an outstanding picnic? Here are the top 10 things you need to make your next spring picnic stand out:

<strong>Alex Liddy Acacia Picnic Table</strong>
Alex Liddy Acacia Picnic Table. Image via House website.

Alex Liddy Acacia Picnic Table

Have you ever accidentally bumped your wine glass and sent liquid flying all over the picnic rug? This clever Alex Liddy-made fold-out table is the perfect addition for your next outdoor picnic. It keeps everything level, with clever slots for glassware and extra space for your cheese board. Plus, keeping things off the ground is also a deterrent for sneaky ants.

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<strong>Original Finska Outdoor Game</strong>
Finska Picnic Game. Image Sourced Via Catch.com

Original Finska Outdoor Game

Finska is still one of our all time favourite picnic games. The game stems from a log-tossing context in cold, forested Finland; but these days we’ve exchanged Vikings for happy picnickers, and snowy ice-capped mountains for sunny parks. The game is sure to test your aim and spark some friendly competition.

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<strong>Morgan & Finch Hamper Picnic Basket</strong>
Bed Bath N' Table Picnic Hamper. Image via Bed Bath N' Table Website.

Morgan & Finch Hamper Picnic Basket

Doesn’t a woven picnic basket just evoke romantic imagery of flowy summer dresses, cute dates and simpler times? Apart from keeping everything equally organised and stylish; the Morgan & Finch Hamper Picnic Basket also comes equip with cutlery, glasses and plates for four people. All you need is the food and drinks to go with it!

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<strong>Just Wines Spring Picks</strong>
Raise Your Wine Glass. Sourced From Shutterstock, Photographed by View Apart.

Just Wines Spring Picks

Where there are picnics, there is cheese (or dairy-free substitutes), and where there is cheese, there is wine! If you’re looking for some quality wines at affordable prices for your next picnic, look no further than Just Wines. Shipping Australia-wide, wine lovers can search and purchase from over 6000 Australian-made wines all from the comfort of their own home. And, better yet, for a limited time Just Wines is offering 10% off your order when you use the code “Grab10” or (minimum spend is $100).

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<strong>RetroKitchen</strong> <strong>Wine Glass Holders</strong>
Wine Glass Holders from Retro Kitchen. Image Sourced Via Hard To Find Australia.

RetroKitchen Wine Glass Holders

If your looking for the must-have item for any picnic, we’ve found it! These nifty little wine holders by RetroKitchen are a great addition to any picnic with wine. You won’t accidentally spill your drink and you can keep your nice wine glasses safe with these cool little holders. Order them online and then impress your guests at your next picnic.

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<strong>Jacaru Australia Oilskin Picnic Blanket</strong>
Oilskin Picnic Blanket by Jacaru Australia. Image Sourced Via Hard To Find.

Jacaru Australia Oilskin Picnic Blanket

This Australian made picnic blanket is as luxurious as it is sensible. This water-resistant picnic blanket has an oilskin outer so the bindis can’t get through and, for ultimate picnic vibes, it is topped with a lush flannelette lining. Made in Burleigh Heads, Queensland, after just one use you’ll understand what all the fuss is about with Jacaru’s Oilskin Picnic Blanket.

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<strong>Dessert Boxes</strong>
Whole Lotta Tella Dessert Box. Image Via Dessert Boxes Website.

Dessert Boxes

Looking for some sweet treats for your picnic? Dessert Boxes have got you covered, with a range of treats delivered Australia-wide. Shop by selecting your occasion, price or even recipient, place your order and then just wait for your box of deliciousness to arrive. Our favourite pick of the bunch is the Whole Lotta Tella which is packed with Nutella-inspired fairy floss, brownies, chocolate and even a choc-marshmallow pop!

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<strong>Gourmet Basket</strong>
Gourmet Basket Foodies Choice Hamper. Image Via Gourmet Basket.

Gourmet Basket

These creative baskets from Gourmet Hampers are designed for all occasions, but they would definitely make for a great picnic. If you’re stuck on what to choose, we’d recommend the Foodie’s Choice Hamper which includes Baylies Gourmet crackers, Maggie Beer Quince Paste, Rinaldi Artisan Nougat and much more. The foundations of a perfect picnic!

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<strong>Davis & Waddell Reusable Beeswax Wrap Roll</strong>
Davis and Waddell Reusable Beeswax Wrap Roll. Image via House website.

Davis & Waddell Reusable Beeswax Wrap Roll

When you’re trying to be environmentally conscious during your picnic, this Reusable Beeswax Wrap Roll from Davis & Waddell is a perfect choice. Instead of using plastic wrap or other unnecessary single-use plastics, this reusable beeswax roll can keep food fresh instead. Plus, you can use them again and again at home.

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<strong>Craft Cartel</strong>
Schooners Of Beer. Sourced From Shutterstock, Photographed By Leszek Czerwonka.

Craft Cartel

Some might enjoy a picnic wine, but for others beer is their go-to for an outdoor session in the sun. Craft Cartel is a great place to find your newest beer obsession, with lots of locally brewed ales, pilsners and lagers available all reviewed by experts who really know how to spot the best new beers. And, to help you say cheers faster, Craft Cartel is currently offering 15% off with the code “BEER15” for any orders over $70.

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Feature image: Photographed by Soloviova Liudmyla. Image via Shutterstock.