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Sydney’s Best Craft Beer Bars

Craft beer is the classy man’s answer to redefining masculinity. For once we don’t have to tolerate tasteless national staples!

Real men don’t follow the sheep; they don’t suffer drinking boring beer because all their mates love it. No, real men let their taste buds do the talking. Because real men know that the best trend to hit Australia since the sausage sandwich is craft beer.

To celebrate this redefinition of masculinity, we at Hunter and Bligh have sought out the best bars around Sydney selling awesome selections of craft beer on tap.

Royal Albert Hotel

Royal Albert Hotel is an old-style pubby pub, laden with everything you’d expect to see in one. But their lovely craft beer range brings them into the 21st century, sourced from breweries throughout the rough Australian landscape. While you’re here, match your tasty pick with their royal burger range.

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140 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills Modus Operandi

The Taphouse

If the old-style pub is not your vibe, then bring your lavish friends to The Taphouse, which exudes a fancy rustic interior for your more decadent tastes. If you’re having trouble picking and choosing, why not go for a paddle instead? Nothing beats a binary selection of sweet, sour and bitter, matched with some yummy nibbles.

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122 Flinders St, Darlinghurst Stone & Wood

Rag and Famish

Take a trip over the harbour bridge and make your way to North Sydney for an authentic Irish pub feel at Rag and Famish. And with 22 taps, it’s hard to say no – you’ll be sure to find what you want. Sweet, sour, strong, light, pale – they’ve got it. They even have espresso martinis on tap if you want to mix things up.

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Cnr Miller St & Berry St, North Sydney Akasha

Dove and Olive Hotel

It is a pub, but the Dove and Olive Hotel is open to all tastes and eccentricities. They also specialise in a neat selection of craft beers – from tap to tin to bottle – ready to be matched with whatever pub classic meal that you fancy. Make your decision easier with a $10 paddle.

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156 Devonshire St, Surry Hills Mismatch Brewing

Beer DeLuxe

Make your way to northern Darling Harbour for some lovely harbourside views and some tasty golden liquids. With 20 taps, Beer DeLuxe bring in some known tastes matched with the slightly underground. One particular craft beer currently on tap comes all the way from Denmark, called “A Peeling Pale.” Now isn’t that appealing?

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9 Lime Street, Sydney Feral Brewing

The Union Hotel

The safest place to open a new bar is in the Inner West, simply because there are plenty of breweries to choose from within a 3 kilometre radius (we actually wrote about it). The Union Hotel knew this well and took full use of the opportunity. But don’t worry fellow aficionados; they also like to search outside the state.

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576 King Street, Newtown The Grifter Brewery

The Grain Store

We know; The Grain Store is in Newcastle and not in Sydney – but we think it’s worth adding to our list. They have a mouthwatering selection on tap that changes with the seasons. They source the best from NSW and interstate, with a passion for local independent brewers. However, on the odd occasion, you may find an international brew.

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64 - 66 Scott St, Newcastle East Willie The Boatman

Quarrymans Hotel

The Quarrymans Hotel prides itself on being the “funnest go-to bar”, which is not hard see when you consider the regular clientele and the quirky game nights. But their beer is the most attractive part, featuring 24 of the most eclectic craft beers you could find around Australia.

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214-216 Harris St, Pyrmont Moon Dog Craft Brewery

Harts Pub

They may serve 12 craft beers on 24 taps split between each of their two floors, but the Harts Pub’s selection is specially curated. You won’t find the big brands, only the best brands. You’ll find plenty of fresh-on-the-Aussie-market brews here, along with a lovely mix of locals and tourists alike.

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Essex St & Gloucester Street, The Rocks Badlands Brewery

Bucket Boys

Don’t mistake Bucket Boys for another standard bottle shop. You won’t find Tooheys or VB or Coronas lining the shelves. You will find, however, some of the world’s most sought after craft beer, from California to Belgium and even here at home in Australia. If you have to ask the price, are you even a craft beer enthusiast?

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300 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville Against The Grain

Feature image: BENCE BOROS, Unsplash