Straight from the source – shuck up your style with a visit to sustainable Australian pearl jewellers, Broken Bay Pearl Farm, on New South Wales’ Central Coast.

Pearls, are, quite literally, the jewel of our seas. But, have you ever wondered what goes into the making of a pearl? Better yet, have you ever wanted to see pearling firsthand?

Enter Broken Bay Pearl Farm.

A hidden gem on New South Wales’ Central Coast, Broken Bay Pearl Farm sits on the lower parts of the Hawkesbury River just a finger touch away from Mooney Mooney Bridge. Established in 2003, today, the Broken Bay team is the only pearl farm in New South Wales.

Leading the path for culturing pearls in Australia, where Broken Bay Pearl Farm stands out is with their unique, hands-on pearling experiences. Plus, they sustainably grow the world’s rarest and finest Akoya and South Sea pearls.


Broken Bay Pearl Farm, New South Wales. Photographed by Rebecca Magro. Image supplied to Hunter and Bligh.

Broken Bay Pearl Farm, New South Wales. Photographed by Rebecca Magro. Image supplied to Hunter and Bligh.

When entering, guests are welcomed through the revamped rustic oyster shed, the Shellar Door. Decorated with pearl growing baskets, beautifully silky-like shucked shells up for purchase and, intricate glass cabinets filled with beautiful pearl necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets – showcased for browsing, buying or, if you’re like us, wishful thinking.

Wandering through, you’ll then be treated to the front-row views of the Hawkesbury River. Here, guests can hop onboard a skipper-led boat for a Farm Cruise tour around the scenic waters of the Hawkesbury gazing at their distinct saltwater paddocks, learning about their farming lifecycle – from oyster spawning through to selecting produce for seafood or for pearls.

Stepping back onsite, guests are invited into a restricted pearl grading room where they’ll learn how pearls are selected by the seven virtues to pinpoint the value of these farm-direct jewels. You may even be lucky enough to spot their $74,000 Round South Sea Pearl Strand necklace. Yes, that’s right, a $74,000 pearl necklace.


Broken Bay Pearl Farm, New South Wales. Image supplied.

Broken Bay Pearl Farm, New South Wales. Image supplied.

Moving on, for more day-to-day wearable souvenirs, Broken Bay Pearl Farm has a wide selection of affordable jewellery to choose from in their Shellar Door. Pick from perfectly white-rounded pearl pendants to the more non-traditional pearl gemstones complete with flaws which, in our opinion, are more favourable and uniquely beautiful.

Beyond cruising and shopping, Broken Bay Pearl Farm also offers a wide range of tours including Oyster Tasting or, a one-hour Grazing Lunch & Oyster Tour that including a gourmet feed supplied from Salt Pig Deli. Otherwise, if you’re looking for something more personalised, you can speak to one of their friendly team members for a more catered experience.

One of the best kept secrets of Sydney and the Central Coast, a visit to Broken Bay Pearl Farm is a first-hand experience where guests get to learn, understand and see firsthand the start to finish procedure of pearling in New South Wales.

Broken Bay Pearl Farm
12 Kowan Rd, Mooney Mooney, NSW 2083
0488 361 042

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Editor’s Note: Hunter and Bligh was gifted an experience by Destination Central Coast and Broken Bay Pearl Farm. All reviews are authentic and are in no way influenced by our partnership.