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A trip to Spain is a whirlwind of late night fiestas, flamenco and jugs of sangria. 

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and it’s easy to see why with its incredible landscapes, vibrant cities and the magical meal of tapas.  Upon a visit, you’ll be quick to learn that the Spaniards take their food and drink very seriously, with wine being no exception.

The wineries, or bodegas, are incredible destinations where all the wine-making magic happens. Not only do the Spanish wineries house rich handcrafted wines, they also reveal the breathtaking and innovative architecture the country has to offer.

Rioja and Riberia del Duero are two major wine regions of Spain which are known for their Tempranillo grape production and sustainable and innovative harvesting methods. The wineries offer a variety of experiences including tours of behind-the-scene wine-making, tastings and even winery hotels for when the afternoon tastings linger long into the evenings…

Call me your Wine Angel if you will; here are some of Spain’s most outstanding wineries:

Marqúes de Riscal –  Rioja Region
I mean, does the architecture not speak for itself? This winery was designed by renowned Canadian architect, Frank O.Gehry. The building aims to reflect the innovative spirit of the Marqúes de Riscal wine and its colours alludes to the brand’s signature colours; pink for the wine, gold of the bottle mesh and silver like the bottle top.  Enter the ‘City of Wine’ cellar to taste the elegant wines or immerse yourself completely and stay a night at the winery’s Marqués de Riscal Hotel.

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El Grifo – Lanzarote
Lanzarote is one of Spain’s Canary Islands and popular for its unique landscape. The island is built on volcanic rock which makes the landscape a spectacle in itself, but for wine lovers, El Grifo Winery adds that extra something special. The winery is one of the 10 oldest in Spain covering 61.5 hectares of vineyards on the volcanic sands. Every vine is planted in one metre deep holes to ensure they thrive in the harsh environment. The taste of the wines are as unique as their landscape, with rich and deep flavours.
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Campo Viejo – Rioja Region
Campo Viejo winery is the perfect example of two world’s colliding; tradition meets modern. Using environmentally friendly and sustainable processes, this wine prides itself on the ethical harvesting to ensure land is preserved for future generations. The simplistic and modern architecture is seamlessly integrated into the historical landscape. Be sure to book a tour for a fantastic experience of both the winery’s behind the scene insights and tastings of unique and limited edition Campo Viejo wines.
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Matarromera – Ribera del Duero Region
Matarromera Wines are one of Spain’s most prestigious and most successful wine groups.  The winery is located in the heart of the ‘Golden Mile’ of Ribera del Duero and is surrounded by beautiful views of the influential wine region. This winery is rich in history and a worth the visit to explore one of the most traditional wineries in the country.  Winery tours are available and offer tastings of three Matarromera wines including a 25 Anniversary Verdejo fermented in a barrel.
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Solar de Samaniego – Rioja Region
Australian art has crossed the seas and made its mark on the bodegas of Spain! Brisbane artist, Guido van Helten, has created the masterpiece, Beber Entre Lineas, or ‘Drink Between the Lines’, at the Solar de Samaniego winery. Van Helten’s spray painted portraits are breathtaking in their size and detail and add a unique touch to the winery. Whilst the artwork may be the main attraction of the winery, the products of Solar de Samaniego are nothing close to disappointing. Boasting over 100 hectares  of predominantly Tempranillo as well as Graciano, the winery prides itself in successful and traditional wine production . This winery combines all the elements, incredible architecture, amazing art and delicious wine. Perfecto.

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YSIOS – Rioja Region
If there’s one thing we’ve established already, it’s that the Spanish know eye-catching architecture and the YSIOS winery is no exception. Architect Santiago Calatrava has created this avant-garde building which sits at the foothills of Laguardia’s mountain range. The wavy roof resembles that of giant wine barrels which blend perfectly into it’s landscape. The winery houses ultra premium, estate grown 100% Tempranillo from 25-to-30-year-old vines.
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