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Unique Destinations to Experience Autumn

Great wall of china in autumn

These mesmerising destinations are especially spectacular in Autumn.

Besides providing a cool relief from the scorching summer heat, Autumn is a truly beautiful season. Vibrant amber leaves blanket the footpaths while early morning sunrises showcase the misty, golden horizon. Although it’s tempting to stay indoors and get cosy, you’ll be doing yourself an injustice by not exploring the outdoors. As you make your way through the crunchy leaves, the breathtaking views you’ll come across will do anything but disappoint.


Best images of Autumn Japan

Japan is well known for cherry blossoms in Spring, but it’s the colourful leaves known as ‘Koyo’ provide an equally astounding sight in Autumn. From the end of September, the changing leaves begin in the northern island of Hokkaido and quickly spread south across the rest of the country.

The ancient capital of Nara, an hour train ride from Kyoto, makes for a breathtaking viewing spot. The colourful leaves cover the parks vast grounds, creating picturesque photo opportunities. Lake Ashino in Kanagawa, The Imperial Palace in Tokyo and Takachiho Gorge in Miyazaki Prefecture, are also top sites to visit if you want to discover hidden waterfalls and secret treasures.


Autumn in Poland

Traditionally known as the ‘Golden Polish Autumn’, visiting Poland in Autumn is a must. Beginning in September as the nights become cooler and the fruitful, the trees transform into golden and rusty tones.

We recommend visiting the famous Bialowieza Forest, which you can explore via cleared trails and the exotic Slowinski National Park which boasts dunes, lakes and forests. In the late afternoon, visit the Bieszczady Mountains for true Autumn beauty, where during the night, you will be accompanied by thousands of stars, as Bieszczady is one of the last European regions where the night sky is free from light pollution.


Autumn in Italy

The colours of the countryside blossoming and the weather still warm enough for a quick swim makes Italy a wonderful place to experience Autumn. If you want to experience a cooler Autumn, visit in late October to November when the colder days are introduced and the rain begins. During this time of year the trees flaunt their best colours, so escape the cities and tour the many hidden parks and trails.

If you want to explore by foot, why not go hiking in Apennines in le Marche, Umbria or even Abruzzo. Driving through the countryside in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna is another unique experience. However, if you wish to stay in the city, be sure to visit Florence’s Boboli Gardens or Borghese Gardens.


Great wall of china in autumn

Conquering the Great Wall of China in Autumn is an indescribably beautiful experience. Although Autumn in China starts in September, the foliage season begins in mid-October in northern China and earlier in the south.

Sites to see include the popular Fragrant Hills Park where pine, maple and persimmon trees, as well as traditional Chinese architecture dominate the landscape. The Yellow Mountains, which are close to Shanghai, truly showcase the beauty of Autumn with an array of colourful leaves, from a warm orange to a deep red.

New Zealand

Autumn in New Zealand

If you want to avoid crowds, then New Zealand in Autumn is the safe haven you desire. Autumn is an amazing time to explore New Zealand and the beautiful scenery it has to offer because despite Autumn beginning in in March, the warmer temperatures linger well into mid-April.

One of the most captivating things about this season is the colours, where the leaves turn into wonderful shades of red, yellow and orange, and rest against a striking blue sky. To make the most of the natural landscape in New Zealand, visit the must-see-sites of Central Otago, Hawkes Bay and the numerous botanical gardens that are scattered throughout the country.