Top 12: Jaw Dropping Infinity Pools

Winter has certainly arrived – we need to do something about that.

And what better way to escape the cold than planning your ultimate summer escape to the northern hemisphere?!
Never fear, if a holiday isn’t on the cards right now – surely thinking warm thoughts will get rid of the chill?

We’ve scoured the globe to find you the most stunning, splash worthy, sun bake ready pools the world has to offer.

Hotel Grace Santorini, Greece

Hotel Grace Santorini, Greece. Image via

Ever wanted to take a dip whilst looking at the a volcanic crater in the Aegean Sea? Of course you have, and now you can in the minimalist, all-white infinity pool of Hotel Grace. Could the blue and white be any more Greek? The luxury hotel also offers daily complimentary yoga and Pilates classes to work up a sweat before you take your relaxing dip.

Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland

Switzerland Hotel Villa Honegg: Image via

Just a 3 hour flight from Hotel Grace’s pool, you can find your next infinity pool fix, 914 metres above sea level at Hotel Villa Honegg. Oh and let’s not forget you’ll get views of the pristine Lake Lucerne, the valley and just a few snow-capped mountains. That’s snow-capped mountains in SUMMER. Switzerland really is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And guess what, the pool is heated during winter, so you can swim all year long!

Four Seasons Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania

Four Seasons Lodge, Tanzania: Image via

Ok let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Literally. We are talking about an infinity pool which drops off to a background of wild elephants – could a pool experience be any more amazing?!
The Four Seasons Lodge is located in the heart of the Serengeti National Park, alongside a large watering hole – the perfect source for luring animals into your gaze. If you look carefully you’ll also be able to see cheetahs and lions off in the distance. We say, let the safari come to you!

Belmond Hotel Caruso, Italy

Belmond Hotel Caruso: Image via

Now we’re jumping to Italy (an absolute favourite of Hunter and Bligh’s) to the super romantic 11th century palazzo in Ravello on the Almalfi Coast. The infinity pool is located on the highest point of Ravello, more than 300 metres above sea level with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and Almalfi Coast. And the Italian’s have thought of everything, this stunning spot is heated to ensure you can stay in for as long as possible, the only side effect is a little pruning, but well worth it.

Caesar Augustus Hotel, Italy

Caesar Augustus Hotel: Image via

Since we love Italy so much, we thought we’d throw in another. To find this secluded pool you’ll need to make your way up the only paved road that connects Capri with Anacapri. At the top you’ll be greeted with a magnificent view of the Sorrentine peninsula and Bay of Naples. This is the true epitome of an infinity pool, as you find yourself asking “where does the pool and sea end and sky start?”

Hotel Villa Mahal, Turkey

Image via

Now this one is for the romantics. You’ll find the Hotel Villa Mahal nestled in the hillside in Kalkan Bay which has a stunning view of the Lycian Coast and Turkish Mediterranean. After a dip in the 17m pool, why not jump into the jacuzzi for with a drink from the bar?! Date night sorted.


Burj Al Arab: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Image via

You can’t be surprised that a Dubai, seven star hotel infinity pool made the list! The saltwater stunner is flanked by 32 butler-serviced cabanas and 120 luxurious day beds to ensure you can work on your tan.
If you love the feeling of being pampered (and significantly fussed over) then this pool should be your number choice.

Hanging Gardens of Bali, Bali

Image via

Ever wanted to swim among cocoa and coffee trees in the middle of an island? Of course you have. And now you can, in the Hanging Gardens of Bali Twin-Tiered Cascading pools! The striking formation is suspended over the dense rainforest, giving you the sensation of floating above the treetops.  Go in search of the heart of the jungle and you’ll find this remarkable pool in Payangan: a village North of Ubud.

Grand Velas Los Cabos: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Image via

If twin pools impressed you, you’ll love Mexico’s bigger and better offer. Only 2 years ago, the new Grand Velas Los Cabos was created, enticing travelers with 3 infinity pools. Oh and did we mention they aren’t identical triplets – they are set to different temperatures to ensure guests have the option to take a cold & refreshing dip or enjoy a warm plunge. They’ve even got the seating right, with long rows of lounges tessellating unevenly so that every guest has a front row, unobstructed view of the ocean. #winning

Regent Porto Montenegro: Tivat, Montenegro

Image via

Yacht Club is located just steps from the Regent Porto hotel, where guests can take a dip in the acclaimed 64-meter outdoor infinity pool perched over the tranquil seascape. The perfect spot to relax and gaze upon a glorious sunset through their giant polaroid frame.

Hotel Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Image via

Imagine yourself floating in the world’s largest rooftop Infinity Pool, gazing down on the glittering city-skyline from 57 levels above. Sound unreal right? The Hotel Marina Bay Sands had the most instagrammable pool in the world, not only for its beauty but for the it’s architecture. This remarkable feat of engineering has to be precise: 500 stabilising jacks have been fitted to ensure that a strong gust of wind won’t see more than 1,000 tonnes of water dunked onto the city streets below! But be warned, if you like an isolated swimming hole, this is not for you. The hotel sees a staggering 4,000 used beach towels every day!


Six Senses Yao Noi, Thailand

Image via

This absolute stunner is located on the island of Yao Noi (midway between Krabi and Phuket). The turquoise pool looks over the jagged limestone pinnacles of Pang Nga Bay. You can also feel good about your luxury stay, as Six Senses has an impressive environmental sustainability plan. The property is designed using natural materials to harmonise with the landscape, and villas have been built to reflect the sun’s heat yet utilise natural light.