When travelling, our smartphones are the saviour for searching the best restaurants to visit, the safest places to stay, the most astounding sight-seeing attractions to visit, or simply a dose of some wanderlust inspiration.

Whether you choose to visit the snowcapped peaks of Ana Dablam in Nepal, attempt to walk through Atacama Desert in Chile or snorkel through the majestic Underwater Garden Temple of Pemuteran in Bali; we will have you covered with our list of the Top 10 Travel Apps that you definitely need to download before you even pack your bags!

Apple Wallet/Apple Pay

Group travellers can link their credit or debit card and transfer to another person if owing money. The app also allows you to store any boarding passes, tickets, rewards cards and even retail coupons. Even when not travelling, Apple Wallet is fantastic for any type of upcoming passes or tickets. Most online ticket bookings also have the option of adding it into your apple wallet – perfect! Or, TripIt: Organise Travel Plans creates a master itinerary on your smartphone by syncing with your emails and calendar – from there you can share, save and even check in by a push of a button.

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Google Translate

Rated as number one in translating apps, users can’t go wrong with Google Translate. Taking all of the fun and experience out of travelling to a non-English speaking country, Google Translate does prove to be incredibly handy especially with 103 languages available. Working offline, the app can translate text, has an instant camera translation, conversation pointers, and it even features a phrasebook to help users brush up on their year 9 language elective.

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Guides by Lonely Planet

Featured in Apples top 100 travel apps, the Guides by Lonely Planet will be the next trip saviour. Featuring 219 cities, and ever growing rapidly; users are able to navigate their way through the city with the help of the travel writers behind the iconic brand. Whether you’re needing some inspiration, a touch up on basic phrases, travel tips, iconic must-see sights, transport information or simply just a city guide – the Guides by Lonely Planet has it all. The free app also features offline maps, a currency converter and a ‘near me’ function. This will surely be the holy grail of apps on your wanderlust journey.

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Roadtrippers – Trip Planner

Planning on the big drive to the centre of Australia? Or wishing to drive along the west coast of America from Nevada up to Vancouver in Canada? Then the Roadtrippers Trip Planner app is perfect for any cross-country or pure road trip lover. Users can explore nearby restaurants or eateries, attractions, accommodation options, parks and most importantly, scenic points. Focusing only on Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA; users can also share their saved preferences or itineraries.

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Skyscanner Flights Hotels Cars

Become your very own travel agent for the next upcoming solo or family trip. Within the one free app, users can complete their itinerary from start to finish within the comfort of their own home. From booking the departing flight, to the car you’ll hire and even the hotel for the duration of the stay; Skyscanner has it all. By comparing various deals from over 1200 travel sites, within seconds, users can choose the best option that suits their travel plan. On top of that, the app is programmed for the travellers needing a bit of a guide for the next possible holiday – the perfect wanderlust inspiration.

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The best way to get from A to B. Uber has officially taken over. Available in more than 500 cities worldwide; Uber is the newest form of taxi or ride sharing service internationally. By using your location, users can select their destination and request a ride within seconds. With an automatic credit card or PayPal account linked, users don’t need to exchange cash throughout their trip. Regardless of your location, Uber is a necessity for any smartphone user.

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Viator is fantastic for those travellers out there who opted for the anti travel agent option. It’s as simple as selecting the city and choosing what you’d like to do at a better price. Most of the attractions found on the app are discounted and usually involve a ‘skip the line’ feature. With everything from a day trip around the Scottish Highlands to a Sumo Wrestling Tournament in Tokyo – there’s something for everyone.

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After importing images or videos from your camera to your device, Visual Supply Company or VSCO is the easiest way to edit files with a range of filters and techniques without using advanced programs. Available for iOS and Android devices, VSCO is the newest way of photo editing and documenting whilst also discovering within the VSCO community.

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XE Currency Pro

Searching by popularity, code and even country; users of XE Currency Pro will have no hesitation pulling out your phone to work out any conversion to their base currency. So the next time you decide to pop into the Louis Vuitton store along the Champs-Élysées in Paris, you’ll be prepared. Also working when your device is in airplane mode, XE Currency Pro is fantastic for online shopping purposes too!

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Zomato Food & Restaurants

The most important aspect of travelling – the food. Once selecting from over the 10,000 cities available, searching for the next breakfast, lunch or dinner along your travels will become a thousand times easier. Previously known as Urbanspoon, the app offers various browsing options for its users with a selection of menus, photos, reviews and ratings to help decide between a pub or bar, restaurant or café. This is fantastic for pre-planning with the option to save a venue for once you arrive – you can also book ahead!

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Feature image by Jordan McQueen

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