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The Least Visited Destinations In The World

ariel shot of vaduz, liechtenstein.

And why you should travel there.

Although the charm of major cities like Paris and New York are hard to resist, you might still be looking for something more unique for your next summer holiday. There are a wealth of fantastic travel destinations to choose from if you’re keen to go off the beaten track and try something new.

We’ve compiled a list of the best places for you to visit when you’re in the mood for something different – if you’re one to vacation away from the herd, these places will be just be the right fit for you.

Tuvalu – 2, 000  tourists

If you’re in the mood for somewhere more tropical than Europe, you’ll find another idyllic paradise in Tuvalu. With nine atolls, Tuvalu’s worth as a dream destination comes from the stunning coral reefs bordering the islands and the opportunity to island-hop by yacht. If you’re worried about seasickness, then don’t stress – one of the must-do attractions is motorbike tours around the island’s gorgeous scenery. It’s also a great place to go to experience true island culture, with regular cultural and traditional dance events. And it’s even royalty-approved – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took a trip to Tuvalu in 2012, and loved it so much they awarded it with the Order of Merit in 2016.

Montserrat – 9, 000 tourists

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Dreaming of a Caribbean island that hasn’t been Instagrammed to death? Then Montserrat is the place for you. For starters, you can head up to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory and take a peek at the Soufrière Hills, where a volcano began erupting in 1995 and continues to do so today. For a more panoramic view, head on to Jack Boy Hill, where you can see both the volcano and the hidden town of Trants. You can also have a travel experience like no other at the island’s white sand beach where you can go on a hike, snorkel, or visit a cave filled with thousands of fruit bats. It’s also an especially great place to visit if you’re in the mood for Irish around March as celebratory events paint the whole island green on St Patrick’s Day.

Liechtenstein – 69, 000 tourists

ariel shot of vaduz, liechtenstein.

Vaduz, capital of Liechtenstein. Image: Andrii Lutsky

Straddling the border between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein is the quintessential European travel destination. With stunning medieval castles and breathtaking mountainscapes, it’s the perfect place to relax. It’s also one of the smallest countries in the world, making it a pleasant place to roam around if you’re looking for something quiet and neat – especially since the country has noise regulations applying to lunch and evening hours. And if you’re interested in history, there’s plenty on offer. From the Roman ruins in Nendeln and Schaanwald to the multitude of medieval castles scattered around the country, you’ll never run out of fascinating places to visit.

French Guiana – 199, 000 tourists 

If your travel dreams lie more in the direction of South America, take yourself to French Guiana where there’s something for everyone.. From colourful Creole houses and street markets to the spine-tingling remains of prison camps for those interested in history’s dark side. The island also boasts beautiful natural landscapes, with everything from the Fourgassier waterfalls to the Awala-Yalimapo beaches. However, take caution when planning a trip to French Guiana – the area’s been plagued with civil unrest recently.

São Tomé & Principe – 8, 000 tourists

blue water and black volcanic rock

Beautiful beach with volcanic rocks and clear water in Sao Tome and Principe Island, Africa. Image: Eric Pasqualli

Distinguishing itself by the fact that it has two names, São Tomé and Principe has a number of unique tourist destinations perfect for crafting an unforgettable trip. Along with all the beaches and hiking trails you could desire, you could spy on giant sea turtles at Praia Jale, marvel at the Boca de Inferno blowhole, or simply relax in São Tomé city. There’s no end to the delights that this African nation can offer you.