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Tasting New Zealand’s Marlborough Wine Region with Kim Crawford wines

Marlborough New Zealand. Photographed by Rudmer Zwerver. Image via Shutterstock

A wine lovers newest getaway.

Sitting on New Zealand’s South Island northeastern peak, the Marlborough wine region is considered one of New Zealand’s favourable wine districts thanks to the distinct dry climate and low rainfall conditions.

Here, almost 20 years ago, Kim Crawford wines established their allegiance to the region by renting a state-of-the-art winery and purchasing a selection of vineyards within the Waihopai Valley. Of course, the charismatic climate including the strong and warm winds through the mountain’s crevices allowed for flower fertility and ripening as well as high acid levels and slow ripening attributed by the cool nights with a flowing breeze – all of which enhanced the intense and complex flavours tasted in Kim Crawford’s wines.

With almost 15 years of service topped up in his glass, Kim Crawford’s Winemaker, Anthony Walkenhorst, says that out of the 11 main wine regions within New Zealand, Marlborough not only exemplifies unusual wine-making conditions, but Kim Crawford’s techniques complement this extraordinary wine country.

“Kim Crawford wines are sourced from the leading regions of New Zealand. Our Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, the number 1 selling Sauvignon Blanc in both the USA and Canada, is sourced from many different vineyards throughout Marlborough, which are each fermented separately and then blended to create our unique “house” style – similar to the way a Champagne is made. This style is a wine that has ripe tropical fruit flavours such as passionfruit and melon, combined with some citrus and cut grass notes,” he says.

Regardless of your love for sipping on a pinot noir, pinot gris, sauvignon blanc or chardonnay, each Kim Crawford drop is designed to resemble the various valleys of Marlborough, a handful of it’s surrounding wine regions as well as some of the neighbouring locally sourced produce.

Partnering with Anthony Walkenhorst and Kim Crawford Wines, we’ve tasted our way through five of Kim Crawford’s blends and paired each drop with a range of eats favouring the Marlborough wine region.

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

AROMA: Classic Marlborough sauvignon blanc with aromas of lifted citrus, tropical fruit, and crushed herbs.

PALATE: A fresh, juicy wine with vibrant acidity and plenty of weight and length on the palate. Ripe, tropical fruit flavour with passion fruit, melon, and grapefruit.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Pairs brilliantly with fresh oysters, asparagus, lobster, or summer salads.

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Kim Crawford Pinot Gris

AROMA: Wonderfully lifted tree fruit aromatics of ripe pear and quince with honey, floral notes, and a touch of citrus.

PALATE: The palate is clean and fresh with Braeburn apple and florals adding complexity.

FOOD PAIRINGS: An ideal wine by itself or paired with antipasto, fresh seafood, Southeast Asian cuisine.

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Kim Crawford Rosé

AROMA: A lively nose, brimming with bright berry and tropical fruit.

PALATE: Soft and luscious, this refreshing rosé is richly fruited with hints of watermelon and strawberry.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Ideal as an aperitif or summer sipper, this easy-drinking wine also pairs perfectly with lighter salads and other fare.

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Kim Crawford Pinot Noir

AROMA: Lifted red berry fruit aromas with dark cherry notes, complemented by savory undertones and spicy oak.

PALATE: Ripe, dark berry flavours of blackberry and black currant. Subtle hints of oak help fill out the palate.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Ideal with herb-crusted racks of lamb, mushroom risotto, or all on its own!

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Kim Crawford Chardonnay

AROMA: Lifted aromas of citrus and stone fruit with notes of tropical fruit and pineapple.

PALATE: An approachable and full-bodied chardonnay that shows great length and persistence. Medium weight with a creamy texture and hints of butterscotch and lemon meringue pie.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Delicious paired with camembert cheese, pan-seared salmon, or other white meat dishes.

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