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Perth’s Best Thrill-Seeking Adventures

Thrill-seekers should not pass up a visit to Perth!

When it comes to holidays in Perth, thrill-seeking isn’t the first thing you’d expect to hear. It’s usually the tranquillity of Rottnest Island or lounging on the various beaches that arise when visiting this wonderful state capital. But, thrill-seekers with a drive for adrenaline-inducing activities and action-pumped adventures should highly consider visiting Perth. Think jetpack flying on the harbour, abseiling, climbing and trekking through a national park or even riding a cool rollercoaster. Yes, that’s right, a rollercoaster.

It’s time to get pumped, Australia!

Jetpack Perth

When you need a good adrenaline rush and a nice splash to cool down, go no further than Jetpack Perth. These guys have four hydroflight devices for you to choose from: a jetpack, flyboard, hoverboard and jetbike – all matched with professional instructors who will show you all the ins and outs means you will have a spectacular afternoon. They are based in Rockingham Beach, south of Perth, and have just begun offering jetski tours of nearby Garden Island.

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Rockingham Beach, WA

Spacechameleon Adventure Co.

Head out to the hills and give yourself a thrilling experience thanks to Spacechameleon Adventure Co. They specialise in abseiling, rock climbing and bushwalking, as well as offering courses to help with your future outdoor adventures. This is thanks to their highly experienced team of thrill-seekers. The most attractive experience is twilight abseiling, where you edge your way down the side of a cliff as the sun goes down in the background.

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Various locations around Perth

Adventure World

Australians, you’ll be surprised to hear that Perth boasts its very own theme park. Welcome to Adventure World, the only hybrid theme/water park on Australia’s west coast. Here you’ll find rollercoasters, thrill rides, water rides and splash pools. Get warped on the Goliath, tossed around on Rampage and thoroughly wet on Rocky Mountain Rapids. To end the day on a high, pick up speed on Abyss, the largest roller coaster on the east coast.

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351 Progress Dr, Bibra Lake


Nothing says thrill-seeking like plunging from the sky at speeds of over 150 kilometres an hour. But fret not, you can do it tandem so you don’t have to feel too responsible. There are a few places that specialise in skydiving around Perth, featuring different views, but we highly recommend going tandem with Skydive Jurien Bay. It’s a few hours north of Perth, but the escape is totally worth it. Gain remarkable views of the luscious coastal area, while peaking on adrenaline.

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Jurien Bay, WA

Hot Air Ballooning

It may not be as crazy as jumping out of a plane, but hot air ballooning is still quite thrilling. You’re standing in a basket, hundreds of metres above the world, with a massive balloon being filled with hot air above you. We hope you’re not afraid of heights. The most picturesque spot is over the Avon Valley in Perth’s northeast. Think sprawling fields of greenery matched with morning mist and a glistening sunrise – the perfect birds-eye view.

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Avon Valley, WA

Rally Driving

When you need a good dose of adrenaline matched with twisting turns, loud engines and uneven tracks, look no further than rally driving. And the best place to experience it is in Perth’s northeast with Rally Action. Get behind the wheel of a real, full-throttle rally car and tackle the dusty world of Midland DC, Western Australia. Before you tackle the roads, we recommend doing some rally driver training.

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Midland DC, WA

Water Rafting

The best place to go water rafting is along Perth’s Avon River, featuring the wildest white water rapids. It’s also home to the Avon Descent, a premier white water event that goes off each year. The guys at Adrenaline, a leading thrill-seeker online gift retailer, share a grand water rafting experience down the Avon River, which includes pre-training briefing, lunch and all the necessary equipment for an unforgettable experience.

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Avon River, WA

Swim with Wild Dolphins

Some people find thrills in jumping out of a plane, others find it swimming with wild dolphins. It’s a fun experience to have, just coursing through the ocean with these majestic and clever creatures. The great thing about this is they are not trained to do tricks, they are simply in their own habitat and you just get to be with them. A natural adventure. And the guys at Rockingham Wild Encounters will help you gain that experience.

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Rockingham Beach, WA