Chinesischer Turm, aka Chinese Tower beer garden/biergarten. Image: Wagner Santos de Almeida

When you’re in Germany, the most important thing to do is to visit a biergarten (beer garden). Especially during Oktoberfest.

Lounge around with hundreds of tipplers and let the day roll by with beer. In Germany, there’s plenty of biergartens to choose from, each located in some seriously cool places. Some can be found in fancy parks by small lakes and others can be found in the middle of paddocks featuring stunning backdrops of the countryside. There’s even one housed inside a three-storey historic beer hall that dates back to the 16th century.

Come along, fellow traveller, let us show you the best biergartens in Germany.


The Hirschgarten is the largest biergarten in Germany and quite possibly the world. It can seat a whopping 800 people and, best of all, it comes with a deer enclosure to boot! The Hirschgarten has several rooms to choose from for any special occasion and a beer garden that seats 1,200 people, along with a surrounding park, in which to roam. With a large selection of seats, it’s only natural for these guys to serve plenty of beer, even poured straight from the barrel. Be sure to work that stomach with their savoury dishes, from sausage salads to pretzels.

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Hirschgarten 1, 80639 München

Augustiner Keller

So we’ve seen the biggest biergarten, now it’s only natural to share the oldest. Augustiner Keller opened in 1812 and for the last 100 years, its appearance hasn’t changed. Sip on a stein of beer and nosh your way through a fresh pretzel while lounging under chestnut trees. Mind you, that’s 5,000 seats to choose from. You’ll find all sorts of people lapping up the sun at Augustiner Keller, including students, families and even a few dressed in lederhosen. Prost!

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Arnulfstraße 52, 80335 München

Stadtwaldhaus Krefeld

3000 seats are incomparable to what we’ve seen before, but Stadtwaldhaus Krefeld hosts plenty of surrounding activities to enliven your day. It’s situated on the lower end of the River Rhine and includes a large pond for pedal boating, a racecourse, a golf course, a hockey court and tennis courts. Get courting! Also, every once in awhile visitors will be treated to live entertainment, like brass bands and stand up comedy. Enjoy a tranquil and revitalizing day at Stadtwaldhaus Krefeld biergarten.

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Hüttenallee 108, 47800 Krefeld

Prater Beer Garden

It may be smaller compared to what we’ve seen before, but the Prater Beer Garden seats 600 and packs a punch. It is nestled within the hustle and bustle of Berlin, offering the perfect sanctuary for the locals and visitors who don’t want to travel too far for a tranquil day off. Pull up a chair at the Prater Gaststätte and enjoy a degustation of your choosing or lounge outside in the biergarten with a stein in one hand and a Thuringian sausage roll in the other.

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Kastanienallee 7-9, 10435 Berlin

Chinesischer Turm

The Chinesischer Turm is a restaurant and beer garden surrounding the famous Chinese Tower, or “Chinesischer Turm”. It is also the second-largest biergarten in Munich, with 7,000 chairs to choose from. Have a stylish lunch or dinner at the accompanying restaurant featuring Bavarian favourites and international staples. But perhaps you’re just here for a beer and socialising? Head into their beer garden featuring the Chinese Tower – perfect Instagram moment if you ask us!

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Englischer Garten 3, 80538 München

Seehaus, Englischen Garten

The restaurant Seehaus in the English Garden rests in a picture-perfect location on the banks of the Kleinhesseloher Lake. The vibrant restaurant offers locally-inspired food in a bright restaurant. Think Büffelmozzarella, a vegetarian dish consisting of mixed tomatoes, watermelon, basil, mint, pane carasau, Sicilian olive oil, or Fische im Ganzen, which translates to “whole roasted fish”. However we can’t forget the biergarten – grab a beer and watch the ripples dance along the Kleinhesseloher Lake.

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Kleinhesselohe 3, 80802 München


The Zollpackhof is a historical staple in Berlin, with a history spanning back to the 1700s. Enjoy lunch or dinner in the modern Bavarian restaurant, replete with a distinct German interior, then make your way outside to the biergarten for a rambunctious afternoon of swigging steins and wild conversation. Your afternoon on the large patio will be shrouded by sprawling trees along with a fine view of the Berlin skyline in the distance and the German Chancellory just over the river.

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Elisabeth-Abegg-Straße 1, 10557 Berlin

Loretta am Wannsee

While Loretta am Wannsee offers great views of the locality of Wannsee, they also offer a beautiful biergarten, emphasis on “garden”. Their outdoor area has been transformed and maintained by professional gardeners, which includes hovering trees and traditional german architecture. Take a seat and order a stein of beer or a glass of wine and match your drink with a feast. Perhaps a hearty burger is in order or just a light salad, but no matter the food, this is the place to take that much-needed break on your holiday.

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Kronprinzessinnenweg 260, 14109 Berlin


Do you want a view? Well, at Klunkerkranich you will get a view of Berlin and beyond. But it’s not your average biergarten. In fact, the Klunkerkranich is, first and foremost, a live-entertainment venue. Think DJs, concerts, readings and movies, to name a few. Lounge by the edge of Berlin, mingle with friends and acquaintances while lapping up the sounds. Klunkerkranich is a rustic hideaway for the eccentric minded.

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Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12043 Berlin


Golgatha is a place for all sorts of eccentricities. It can be a morning fuel-up with coffee for the restful, a work-savvy spot (including WIFI) for the career-oriented and a place to relax for those who’ve had a crazy day. But most of all, it’s a fabulous biergarten. Be sure to wander the surrounding Victoria Park to really soak in the serenity as you soothe that racing mind. In the evening, tuck into a hearty dish from options such as grilled sausages and marinated turkey steaks.

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Katzbachstraße, 10965 Berlin