Southwest of Italy, Positano – Still Europe’s top destination.

Located on the infamous Amalfi Coast, there’s no disagreeing that your Instagram feed has been filled with posts of friends soaking in the sun at the beach in Positano.

Just a three-and-a-half hour drive from Italy’s capital Rome, Positano is the place to be with great weather, clear blue water and authentic Italian food.

What more could you want?

Founded in the 9th Century, the city of Cliffside hue terracotta houses is known for its tourists trying to get the perfect shot on Marina Grande beach whilst building up the perfect European trip tan.

With the hustle and bustle of locals there’s more than just the beach. There’s attractions, food and more food making their Autumn still very attractive.

If eating more than three times a day isn’t part of your daily plans, you’re doing it wrong.

Definitely look at visiting Da Adolfo restaurant that’s situated on the shore of a secluded beach that’s only reachable by boat. The small restaurant with astonishing views of the water is a must see, it’s an experience you’ll never forget!

“The most authentic Italian meal I’ve ever had was there,” says Bianca Gattellari.

Da Adolfo Restaurant

Strolling along the beach sidewalk you’ll spot many shopkeepers selling a wide range of fresh, exotic and colourful fruits.

Traditionally, you’ll be stopped by a few street artists wishing to draw a portrait of you because you’re “bella” (beautiful) and more than a face in a crowd. Don’t be alarmed, a simple no thank you will send them on their way.

Locals are extremely accommodating to tourists and will most likely speak English to you considering it’s a second language in the country.

Before you arrive, brushing up on your Italian from 9th grade is always polite and will give you a more in depth feel to the trip. Plus the locals will appreciate you for trying!

Basic English to Italian language essentials:

  • Hello = Ciao
  • Please = Per Favore
  • Thank you = Grazie
  • Do you speak English? = Parli Inglese?

Three days or a week, there will always be something to do whether it’s visiting the Grotto dello Smeraldo a cave with eye popping emerald coloured water featuring a submerged nativity scene, hiking the Path of the Gods trail which offers a breathtaking view of Positano and surrounding cities, or hiring a boat for the day and travelling to nearby Capri for cocktails and a swim.

Definitely team up with a group of people and hire out a private boat to Capri for 150 euro each (around $200 AUD). Although quite expensive, this will be the highlight of the trip.

Bianca and her friends on a day trip.

Three things not to forget on your stay:

  1. Camera
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Swimmers

Spending time around the beach will give you a relaxed and genuine feel to Positano. With a warm yet refreshing temperature to the water you’ll be running to get in and you’ll find it hard to get out. With beautiful clear blue water and pebbles up to the shore it’s a definite European feel.

Gattellari mentions, “the pebbles do turn you off swimming because it’s hard getting in and out of the water, but once you’re in you don’t notice it.”

The beaches aren’t as busy at the moment however we still recommend hiring out a daybed especially with the uncomfortable pebbles. They are priced at 10 – 30 euros.

A useful tip is to be aware of location when booking accommodation. Although staying at the top of the hill seems scenic, there are quite a few steps to get to and from the beach. Recent travellers have suggested that staying towards the middle or bottom of the cliff is key if walking steps isn’t your thing.

Arriving at your next destination or back home you’ll be regretting your departure from the impressive city. So embrace the culture and ensure you get a few quality pictures on the beach featuring houses situated on the cliffs as a backdrop.

Positano is a city that has something for everyone. If you’re a sole traveller, couple, or a family there’s plenty to see and do. Whether it’s searching through the markets, relaxing on the beach or basing the trip to explore other parts of the Amalfi coast.

Gattellari concludes by saying that the most memorable thing she saw was the opens views of the water was spectacular, and gazing at the mesmerizing sunset in Sorrento.