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Amazing International Airbnb’s

Is there such thing as Airbnb goals?

Airbnb has most definitely changed the way we travel in terms of finding accommodation. You are your very own travel agent.

There are over 3,000,000 listings in 191+ countries worldwide that are connected with this unique community marketplace.

Whether settling down in a cosy apartment with picturesque views of the sun setting in Joshua Tree, California or staying on your very own island in Belize; Airbnb has it all.

We’ve compiled a list of Airbnb’s 10 most amazing listings around the world:

Historical Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo

The futuristic like apartment building will make you feel like you’re on the set of Fifth Element with its prism like interior structures. Designed by Kisho Kurokawa in 1972, the building soars over Tokyo and is just an eight-minute drive from The Imperial Palace East Gardens. The entire apartment sleeps two guests for $176 a night.

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Dome in the Desert in Joshua Tree, California

In the heart of California is Kathrin and Brian’s geodesic dome house. With something to ease the soul, and please the eye inside and out – there’s no doubt that this Joshua Tree home will be your favourite. The two-story complex is located on acreage so no need to worry about noisy neighbours. Mesmerising sunset guaranteed!

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Seashell House – Casa Caracol, Mexico

Just a mere 20 kilometres off the coast of Cancun, Mexico is the world famous Seashell House – Casa Caracol. If becoming a mermaid is your dream it can now become a reality. With shell décor throughout the house including shell taps and a shell showerhead – you’ll be splashing around to stay longer in Isla Mujeres.

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Cubehouse, Rotterdam

If pyramids or prisms bring you joy, then your next trip to the Netherlands will compliment your fantasies. The cubehouse located in the heart of Rotterdam is three levels of head spinning fun. With the exterior looking like you’ll be doing somersaults getting from bathroom to bedroom – the interior is surprisingly leveled. No space suits needed.

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The King’s Chamber in the Chateau, Veuil

Move over Marie Antoinette. You’ll feel like the next King or Queen when staying in the humble chateau located in central France. With stonewalls, authentic wooden medieval detailing and traditional royalty like tapestries throughout every room – the Veuil chateau is far from anything peasant like.

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Bird Island, Belize

Fred’s property surely tops the list. Bird Island, Placencia sits on the tropical southeast region in Belize. Your days will surely be full of adventures every corner of the island – you’ll never want to leave. Oh and did I mention that the entire island will be yours on your stay? At $648 a night, Bird Island can become a dream come true. Pool not included.

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The Enchanted Cave, Bilpin

Staying in a cave situated on a natural cliff top rock platform becomes every bit more magical as the day progresses. Every angle of the cave is a breathtaking view of the Blue Mountains. The Airbnb listing is part of the national park below. You won’t need to rub two sticks together to make fire as the cave has it’s own fireplace, spa, kitchen and bedroom on the cliffs edge.

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St Pancras Clock Tower, London

Designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott in 1868, the mini apartment within the clock tower looks over the infamous Kings Cross Station. The gothic exterior holds together the mini livable modern apartment inside. Peter’s home of history is perfect for anyone visiting London. Bell-ringing skills on the resume aren’t required.

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Dome House in Sacred Valley, Peru

Sitting at the lush base of Pachatusan Mountain is Milagros Y Diego’s dome bungalow for $54 a night. The bungalow has 360-degree views of the garden and the extraordinary mountain range. The beautiful property sits in the small La Pacha community. The Diego family lives next door and will happily help visitors with any activity and transportation planning on your stay.

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Cottage near Santa Claus Village, Finland

There’s three selling points for this listing. Firstly it’s around the corner from an all year Santa Claus Village. Secondly it’s Instagram goals especially in winter. And thirdly, you’ll be blessed by the heavens with the northern lights. At $170 a night, Anneli’s cottage will have you searching for that red-nosed reindeer.

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