Travelling alone will take you on the adventure of a lifetime. 

There is something exhilarating about taking to the road solo, being able to explore new places at your own pace and having the liberty to decide what you want to do each day.

According to a survey of over 25,000 travellers, roughly 40% said they had travelled alone at some point last year, and this number is only set to increase.

If you have ever pondered the idea of a solo jaunt but never quite got round to it, we’ve put this guide together to help you make the leap of faith and give you all the tips you need for the most rewarding of journeys.

1. Have a good reading list 

Solo travel affords you the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in that book that has been sitting on your shelf for months but you haven’t got round to starting. Whether it be days spent on the beach or on a long coach journey, having a good list of books will not only keep you entertained, but can also be the spark to a great conversation with a fellow traveller.

2. Learn some of the local lingo 

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It can feel daunting heading to a new location not knowing any of the language,  so don’t underestimate the value of learning a few little catchphrases to help you by. Nothing will endear you more to a local than a ‘thank you’ in their mother tongue for your morning coffee, or a simple ‘how are you?’ as you pass them on the street. Take a small phrasebook with you to get you started, and the effort made from this will reap many smiles and help you feel a lot more comfortable in your new surroundings.

3. Don’t have too much of a plan 

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 The beauty of going it alone is that you get to decide what you want to do each day, and how long you want to spend in a new place. Having too much of a rigorous plan can take the spontaneity out of your journey. A leisurely plan instead means you can afford more days in your new paradise without feeling constricted to a strict timetable. Your favourite places may end up being the ones you never thought you would fall in love with.

4. Record your memories 

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Documenting the amazing sights, sounds and smells that you experience on your travels is one of the best things you can do. Keeping a diary and taking lots of photographs is something you will treasure when you get home. Being able to tell family members details of an amazing dish you had, or show them vivid details of a temple you came across in a photograph will make your travelling stories even more worthwhile. Going alone means not having someone else to rely on to recall the memories, so you will be even more grateful for recording everything you do whilst you are there.

5. Make conversation 

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The thought of striking up a conversation with a complete stranger isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do, but the people you meet and the stories they tell can be the most fulfilling part of a solo trip. Booking yourself into a hostel where there will be lots of other travellers means the chances of a good conversation that could lead to a lifelong friendship are very high. Find out tips from locals on where you could find a gem of a food place or a bar to spend the evening with new found friends. You never know where that first ‘hello’ could lead to.

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